Local arm wrestler takes Gold in Grande Cache

Maurice Thebeau took double gold at an arm wrestling competition in Grande Cache. Thebeau, a former Canadian Heavyweight Champion, has spent the last couple years working back into the sport….

Teck has no plans to restart Quintette yet

Trent Ernst, Editor People anxiously waiting for Teck to restart Quintette will have to wait at least a little longer, despite strengthening coal prices. That’s the word from President and…

Close Encounters of the furry kind

Trent Ernst, Editor Despite the sometimes nearly breathless panic on Facebook, Tumbler Ridge’s recent crop of bears have been behaving in a textbook manner, says local Wildlife Officer Brad Lacey….

Screamin Eagle Ventures Ltd

Partners Terry Vandenbosch and Wendy Trueit came together forming Screamin Eagle Ventures Ltd with hopes of becoming the new management team for the scenic nine hole Golf Course and Clubhouse….


Windfall Lake

Trent Ernst, Editor Friday morning dawned bright and early. A group of volunteers gathered at Charles Helm’s house as a staging area for a trip up to Windfall Lake. The…

Farm News, July

Jerry Kitt When a tree falls in the forest, does anybody hear? I didn’t but maybe the buffalo did. The big old poplar was quite a ways from the fence…

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