Council Notes: April 16, 2013

Present: Mayor Wren, Councillors McPherson, Hewitt, Mackay, Torraville, Caisley, Snyder, Junior Councillor Doonan.

Regular Meeting of Council

Note: There was no PnP meeting.


Grace Walsh appeared before council on behalf of the Canadian Cancer Society to request that Council proclaim April 27 as Daffodil Day. They do.

Rose Colledge, Joanna McBaine, Debbie White and Sergeant Kurt Render appeared before council to proclaim, in perpetuity, the third week of April as “Prevention of Violence Against Women Week,” and April 21 to 27 as “Victims of Crime Week.” They did.

Ridge Rotor’s Ryan Mahaffy appeared before council asked council to expand the area leased from 400 sq metres to 720 sq metres, to allow the construction of an office building, and to decrease the lease rates, which are currently up to three times higher than other regional airports. Mahaffy describes Tumbler Ridge as “an awkward little corner of the world to fly out of,” but Ridge Rotors has stayed here through the good and bad times, and has made a decent go of it. Mahaffy says that Ridge Rotors is hoping to build the new office building in May or June, but needs council approval, as well as reduced lease rates to do so. He points out that Tumbler Ridge is by far the highest cost per square foot in the Peace Region, at $6/sq ft, compared to Mackenzie’s $2. There is no services, no water or sewer out at the airport, so the rationale behind the high rates are difficult to understand.

Council says they will look at the lease rates, as quickly as possible.

Roxanne Guilick, President of the Tumbler Ridge Chamber of Commerce, appeared before council to request start-up and operating funds from council. The board is in place, says Guilick, and council has promised to support the Chamber as needed for at least the next few years. One of the keys to getting the Chamber up and running is to get a business manager, and to do that, the Chamber needs funds. There is no motion made this evening.


Service Canada wrote a letter to Council, saying the request for funding for Fitness Park Enhancement was denied.


Council gave final reading to the new Building and Plumbing bylaw.

New Business

Council received a report from AldrichPears laying out timing of stage one of consultant work for the Tumbler Ridge Museum. A motion is made to accept both the report, and to advance funds for the first stage (to the tune of $20,000). Councillors Mackay and Snyder are opposed, but it passes.

Council received copies of designs for banners that would go on the light standards around town. The current banners need to be replaced, and council approved the designs, though it is recommended that the design featuring a caribou be changed to a bullmoose.

Sustainability Plan: council authorized $13,800 from the 2013 Capital Budget for the additional costs require to complete year one of phase 2 of the Sustainability Plan.

Youth Bands: A group of teens are having a concert to raise money for the Bras for Cancer campaign, and asked for a fee waiver for the concert. It is granted.

Totem Repairs: Council approved $15,450 for repairs to the TR Totem.

Council pre-approved the Emergency Equipment Building Project ($605,000) and the Building Expansion Washbay Offices project ($319,000). Snyder opposed.

Hanging Baskets: Council approved the purchase of hanging baskets for 2013 at a cost of $3600.

Fire Management Plan: Council approved entering into a contract with the Tumbler Ridge Community Forest to oversee the Wildfire Mitigation Program.

Councillor’s Business

Councillor Snyder was at meeting with Northern Health on April 3. The master planning process for the Tumbler Ridge Clinic is still underway. On April 5 and 6, he helped staff the District booth at the Chetwynd Trade Fair. On April 7 and 8, he attended budget talks. On April 9 he attended the last senior’s dinner of the year put on by the high school. On April 10, he attended the Peace River Local Government Association (PRLGA) meeting. On April 11, he was at the farewell to Karen Strang. He notes that we’re going to have a real health crisis, soon. On April 12 he was at the DARE graduation and from April 12 to 14 he was representing the District at the Fort St. John Trade Show.

Councillor Caisley Attended Budget meetings on April 7 and 8. On April 10 was at PRLGA meeting. He notes that Northern Health will be at the North Central Local Government Association Meeting next month, and the District should probably do what they can to sit down and talk with representatives.

Councillor Torraville April 3, attended library board meeting. April 5-6 was at Chetwynd Trade Show, April 7-8 attended budget meetings and April 10 attended PRLGA meeting. \

Councillor Mackay Attended Budget meetings, PRLGA, the Fort St. John Trade Fair and the DARE Grad.

Councillor Hewitt Chaired Family Needs meeting on April 3. Talked about possible events for town, theme nights, and what will happen for Canada Day. They also talked about the Teen Centre, and are hoping that staff can invite teen centre before council.

Councillor McPherson Attended Fort St. John Trade Fair, Budget Meetings, the sportsman club meeting, PRLGA and the DARE grad.

Junior Councillor Doonan Attended Family Needs Meeting. She says there is going to be a student council, with elections happening on April 29 and first meeting on April 30. Robotics Club is still in process of starting up.

Mayor Wren Has had further communication with Don Murray around pre-feasibility of ski hill. They may have located a possible area. He was at Fort St. John Trade Show, DARE Grad, Budget meetings, Family Needs Meeting, as well as the StrongStart kick off and had discussions with CDI. Also, with the writ dropping, he will be taking a leave of absence until election. Councillor Mackay will fill in as mayor..