Alissia Sawicki, Engineering Technician with the District of Tumbler Ridge received the Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB) Assessment and Plan 2008 from June 10th 2008 showing alarming results.

Ralf Barkhouse RPF and Chris Maundrell RP Bio of Adlard Environmental Ltd. Fort St. John conducted an assessment that corresponds with their work and prognosis for Tumbler Ridge completed in 2007. In April and May this year Adlard Environmental Ltd. examined the forests in the District and the surroundings of Tumnler Ridge. The study shows high numbers of MPB on the outer limits of the town and small numbers in the parks and residential areas.

The MPB is spreading fast in the Wolverine and Murray River Valley reaching the Tumbler Ridge surroundings. However most of the lodge pole pine in Tumbler Ridge in not under attack yet. The last year treatment showed positive results. The high MPB activity on the outskirts of the town makes the remaining healthy stands in the town highly susceptible to attack. Two positive factors are in place to save the trees. The cold temperatures made the larva stay longer in the tree and we have still time to do something. The flight of the MPB in our area is predicted to be between July 1st and August.

There are 7,000 Verbenone pouches available and the residents are strongly encouraged to volunteer to apply the Vebenon treatment to the trees in defined areas.

Starting Monday June 16th, every day at 9:00 AM interested individuals can meet at the Town Hall Parking Lot with Alissia Sawicki to pick up Verbenone pouches to apply the treatment in specific area. More info Alissia Sawicki 242-4242 ext.117. There is a map at the Library with specific pine bettle locations.