2006 Municipal Budget

On January 18th, Mayor and Council received presentations from organziations requesting funding for 2006. The preseentations included the Golf Course, Public Library, Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation, Emergency Social Services, Citizens on Patrol and the Tumbler Ridge Children?s Centre. The presentations here are a summary of submissions. Mayor and Council will review the requests. An Open House for the Budget proposals will take place and there will be a written submission period in which the taxpayer will have the opportunity to express his or her views. In the February 1st issue we commented on the Golf Course, the Library, Emergency Social Services and COPS. This week we will conclude with the Museum Foundation. Detailed information on the District budget, of which these reports play a very small part, will be available to residents at the District of Tumbler Ridge Open House. Residents are encouraged to attend.

Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation Municipal Funding Requests for 2006

The Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation presented its financial position at the Budget meeting scheduled by District of Tumbler Ridge on January 18th.

Over the four year period since its inception in 2002 the TRMF has raised $602 000, of which 26% ($158 221) has been requested and received from the District of Tumbler Ridge. These figures do not take into account volunteer hours and in-kind donations.

Through the power and appeal of its programs and proposed products, the Museum Foundation is often successful in applying for funding from other sources, and currently has numerous proposals that have been sent to many different jurisdictions as well as regional industries. A comprehensive list of these funding sources was provided. Unfortunately it is not possible to know in advance which of these will be successful and to what degree.

Taking into account this uncertainty, the TRMF explained its projected expenditures for 2006. The total of $351 200 was broken down into salaries, lease, capital items, field operations, travel, programs, exhibits, and business plan (along with feasibility study, site selection, engineering design etc). Some capital items such as a 4WD vehicle were deferred to the 2007 year.

The TRMF requested a closer partnership with the District of Tumbler Ridge, and requested funding to allow its 2006 operations and programs to continue without any uncertainty.

The TRMF presentation concluded with the following requests:

1) From our perspective, the ideal would be if the District of Tumbler Ridge could allocate an amount with a stipulated maximum (say $200 000) that we would only access as needed, in addition to our rental costs which you have traditionally provided ($23 200). We would hope not to have to access such funds at all. We hope that our credibility is such that you would accept that we manage our finances responsibly and frugally, and would only ask to access these funds if necessary.

2) The second best option from our perspective would be for you to consider providing us with a fixed amount, recognizing that if all our anticipating funding comes through, we will enjoy a surplus which we could carry over to 2007. In the event that we do not receive this funding from other sources, your funds would then provide the essential means for our 2006 operations.

The TRMF asked Mayor and Council if tlhey would consider deferring any such decision until after the meeting in the PRPRC of January 25, at which they would be briefed in more detail about the TRMF?s achievements, and its plans for the community, region and province.

Tumbler Ridge Children?s Centre

The Children?s Centre has made a request of $5000, primarily to recruit a Early Childhood Eduator, and to provide for the initial startup wages. Doing so would allow the Centre to achieve Daycare status and would open the door to funding grants from other sources. Presently the Centre?s 11 board members and manager are involved in planning and delivering program activities.

The centre has seen an increase of eight children attending in fall 2005 and have had to setup an afternoon session to accomodate those children.