2006 Municipal Budget

On January 18th, Mayor and Council received presentations from organziations requesting funding for 2006. The preseentations included the Golf Course, Public Library, Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation, Emergency Social Services, Citizens on Patrol and the Tumbler Ridge Children?s Centre. The presentations here are a summary of submissions. Mayor and Council will review the requests. An Open House for the Budget proposals will take place in mid-February, and there will be a written submission period in which the tax payer will have the opportunity to express his or her views.

Tumbler Ridge Golf & Country Club

Long Term Goals – Self sufficient within three years – develop another 9 holes.

Required Operational Grant from the District of Tumbler Ridge

For the past two years the District of TR has provided a grant to the golf course that allowed for the hiring of a manger. This person was to oversee all operations of the golf course.

Revenues for the golf course for the season were $416,720.54 with expenditures at $403,476.96. The balance of profits $13,243.58 will most likely be disbursed when the utilities etc are paid for the winter, which does not generate income.

Capital Improvement requests in the written submission to Mayor and Council include:

1. Repair #3 Tee Box – the surface of the tee box is very narrow and uneven. By mid-summer there is very little grass remaining on it. When wet, it is basically mud. Cost $5,000

2. Repair Deck – The lower portion of the deck needs attention. Boards have rotted and it is unsafe. This area could be made smaller and/or fenced to enclose golf carts. Cost $15,000

3. Pavement –

a) Numerous cart paths are situated on hills and require many hours of maintenance after rain. The rough terrain also leads to numerous repairs to our golf cards.

b) The parking lot is either a mud bowl or a desert filled with potholes. This would greatly enhance the appearance of the golf course. Cost $60,000

4. Clubhouse Roof – The roof is leaking and the shingles need to be replaced Cost $10,000

5. Clubhouse Siding – The siding is black from mildew and discoloured. Needs to be cleaned and new linseed oil applied. Cost $2,000

6. New Outhouse – An additional outhouse is required between the second and fifth holes. An area would need to be cleared and a proper facility installed. We have had numerous ladies request this over the years. $1,600.

7. Clubhouse Sign – a simple sign on the front of the building to welcome guests and members alike. Quote from Woodriver for 2?x 5? sign $1730

8. Irrigation Repairs

a) 11 of 17 irrigation timers do not work $1,000.

b) Numerous irrigation bodies need to be replaced as they are broken and leaking $50 each cost $2500

9. Computer – members scores need to be entered after they play. This is so we can have an accurate handicapping system for tournaments. This is standard at all golf courses. Our present computer is out-of-date and does not work reliably.

Tumbler Ridge Public Library

The Tumbler Ridge Public Library operates with grants from provincial, federal, and municipal sources. Fines, donations and other types of fundraising brought in $9,350.00 in 2005 with a projection of $7,400 in 2006. Library staff have not received a wage increase in three years, and are looking for moderate increases appropriate to other library staff in the region, and to increased work loads and responsibilities. A complete copy of the budget proposal is available at the Library.

Citizens on Patrol

Presentation by Cpl. Peates requesting funding for COPS for the 2006. Peates stated the thousands of volunteer hours are put in annually by volunteers makes a noticeable impact. Citizens on Patrol raises some money through community activities, but not enough to cover operating expenses.

Proposed 2006 budget:

Fuel ($100 per week x 52 weeks$5 200

Cell Phone ($50 per month)$ 600

Insurance$1 200

Stationary and office supplies$ 200

Total$7 200

Emergency Social Services Budget Proposal Summary

With continuing changes to our climate, emergency management is becoming a more demanding responsibility. Just looking back over 2005 at the vast numbers of people throughout the world who were affected by disaster, one gets a picture of the importance of mitigation as well as response.

An essential part of emergency management in British Columbia is found in the form of Disaster Emergency Social Services (ESS).

In British Columbia (BC), local authorities under the Emergency Program Act (1996)

and the Emergency Program Management Regulation (1995) are responsible for planning and operating emergency responses within their jurisdictional areas, including ESS.

ESS will provide short-term assistance to British Columbians who are forced to leave their homes because of fire, floods, earthquakes or other emergencies. This assistance includes food, lodging, clothing, emotional support and family reunification.

Presently the Tumbler Ridge ESS team consists of over 20 trained individuals that will play a supervisory role before, during and after a disaster. The Tumbler Ridge ESS team has been called upon to assist other northern communities in the event of a disaster or emergency response as it is one of the most highly trained teams in the North.

During 2005, ESS volunteers put in many hours towards training, community education and team development. Volunteers put in over 1200 hours of volunteer time for this community, although these figures do not reflect the countless hours our volunteers put in towards the fine-tuning of the ESS plan. The team hosted training sessions on a weekly basis during the fall and winter of 2004 and the spring of 2005 as well as the Northeastern ESS Regional Conference, but ran in to financial difficulties due to room rental costs.

For 2006, the Tumbler Ridge ESS team is asking for $8000 minimum which is an 8000% increase over the 2004 and 2005 budget. This money will be used to cover the cost of training, supplies and Community Centre room rentals.

Look for the Children?s Centre proposal and the Tumbler Ridge Museum Foundation in the next issue.