2008 Christmas Food Hamper Program

$8,466.00 was raised for the 2008 Christmas Food Hamper Program! This included donations from people, companies, organizations, and fundraising events. Huge thanks to all who have donated money, food, toys and time.

There were 36 Christmas food hampers that were prepared. All of which included: food, gifts for the family, and we couldn?t forget about the pets. The hampers were assembled according to the size of the families which ranged from single to family of 8.

I would like to give a special thanks to Darryl and his staff at Shop Easy Foods. Darryl has generously donated a great number of turkeys toward the Christmas Food Hamper Program. Not to mention the continuous donations and support to the Food Bank year round.

It is always a pleasure when it comes time to replenish the Food Bank. The staff take the time to designate a till for this purpose, and make the process go as smooth as possible. Always eager to help, and always with a smile. Thanks Guys!

Thank you to Carol Sawaski and all the volunteers for heading up the Angel Tree Fundraiser this year. It takes a lot of time and organization. It is greatly appreciated. Also, thanks to Darryl for allowing the use of the space at Shop Easy Foods to make this fundraiser work. In return, $1,655.00 was raised.

A big thanks to the Lion?s Club for the donation of $400.00 in turkeys for the Food Bank, and always the willingness to help in any way.

Thanks to Trent and Colette Ernst from Eye for Detail Photography for putting on a Christmas Portrait Fundraiser. You?ve done incredible work. Also, thanks to Peace Photo Graphics for the use of the lights.

Thanks to Will Howe from Grizzly Crane for organizing the Hockey Night and having all proceeds go to the Christmas Food Hamper Program. Besides the donations of the nonperishable food items, $527.80 was raised during this event.

Thanks to all the teachers and students of TR Elementary School for all your hard work in collecting food, and to the Secondary School for having a toy drive. You?ve made a lot of children happy this Christmas. Great Job!!

Thanks to Mayor Larry White, all members of Counsel, Harry Prosser, and every volunteer that was involved in the Mayor?s Food Drive. Despite the extreme cold weather conditions, you were still willing to see this food drive through. I truly and greatly appreciate all your hard work to make this a success.

I would like to give a personal thanks from the bottom of my heart to Keith and Sylvia Warden, Sidney and Linda Speakman, George and Sheila Rowe. These individuals have been such a blessing to me during the whole course of this program. There is a lot of behind the scenes teamwork that is involved, and I could not have done it without each of them.

And finally, a special thanks to anyone who had anything to do with the fundraising events, collecting and sorting of food, assembling of hampers, mailing letters, posting flyers, etc. Also, thanks to all the companies, stores, and businesses for taking in donation boxes and tins to help with the collection of food, toys, money, etc. It?s amazing to see what can be accomplished in a small town when people come together.

I pray blessings over the Community of Tumbler Ridge for the New Year!

God Bless!

Lenore Sprake, Family Assistance Program Coordinator

·Dawson Creek Veterinary Clinic

·Doug Ennis

·Eye For Detail Photography

·Follow?s Mechanical Repairs

·G. Robert & E. Delores Norman

·Grizzly Crane

·Holly and Russell Coulbourne

·Iris Blue and Diane Reid

·K.C.?s Dollar Store

·La Prairie Crane

·Lake View Inns & Suites

·Legion Ladies Auxiliary

·Lions Club

·M.R. Maintenance

·Maple Leaf Loading Ltd.

·Norken Security

·Peace River Coal

?Rita Kostaluk

·Royal Canadian Legion

·St. Paul?s Church

·Salo Denture Clinic

·Shop Easy Foods

·Spectra Energy

·T.R. Liquor Store

·T.R. Teacher?s Association

·Triple K Safety

·Walter and Diane Reid

Thank You for your generosity

Any left over funds go back to the Food Bank because it is accessed year round.