Tumbler Ridge, BC — Early in January 2008, Tumbler Ridge property owners will receive their annual assessment notices from BC Assessment. Property owners are reminded that an increase or decrease in assessment values does not necessarily result in an equivalent percentage increase or decrease in municipal taxes.

The reassessment process does not generate revenue for the District. Municipalities do not benefit from property reassessment; the assessments simply distribute the share of the tax burden in an equitable fashion based on current market value. The actual change to the 2008 property tax bill will not be determined until the District of Tumbler Ridge and other taxing authorities have completed their budget deliberations in the spring.

Once the municipal budget is determined, the tax rates will be calculated using the assessed values provided by BC Assessment. A schedule of public budget meetings and other budget related information will be posted on the District of Tumbler Ridge website as the budget process progresses.

Property owners with questions regarding their assessments should contact BC Assessment or visit www.bcassessment.ca for more detailed information.

The website features Assessments and Sales by Address (ASBA) online, a helpful tool for comparing your property assessment to your neighbours. This year, ASBA will be available year?round. The deadline for appealing property assessments is January 31, 2008.