4 to the Floor Rocked the Coal Bin

Who knew that in a little town like Tumbler Ridge there would be such talented DJs for us to enjoy. Well, it’s true and the 120 people who came out to the 4 to the Floor show last Saturday night got the pleasure to be entertained.

The music started pumping at 9 pm and as the night went on more and more people seemed to be drawn into the sound, and onto the dance floor.

Great lighting helped with the ambiance and it almost felt like a sweaty night club in a big city, something many people don’t get a chance to experience unless in the big city.

The show was put on by Josh Neumann (otherwise known as Sunny Phono) and his crew. Other performers included Stretch 9 (Carter Nehring), Foxhound (Brendon Hibbing) and Cadillac Tramp (Jimmy Tencha) from Grande Prairie.

A little change of pace with some great beats behind some killer rhymes from Stretch 9 Carter Nehring.

Neumann would also like to thank, “Beat Reynolds (Mat Buhler). He is our other resident DJ and could not make it to this event, but was part of the idea to do the fundraiser.”

On top of the guests there were also plenty of volunteers and staff who made this night possible.

The show was put on as a fundraiser and raise money it did. With tickets costing a very reasonable $10, many folks hope shows like this will happen more often!

Neumann says, “We were able to donate $575 each to the Lions Club & T.R.C.C.S.”