49 Forever

Well Tumbler Ridge, you?ve done it again. The snow has barely reached ground level and our close neighbours have already cleared our driveway and our walkways have been shovelled by another neighbour who lives a block away. I suspect this has been going on in various areas of town where neighbours are being TR type neighbours. I expect these people were good neighbours in the places they lived in before they moved here. Why here? I guess we?re just lucky.

Every time it snows I get out the seed catalogues and pick out stuff for the garden again. I know I will not be able to shovel or get down on my knees but I?m sure I can be something more than a spectator (at least I can give advice!). Maybe hanging baskets?? Window boxes??

Thanks again to our excellent medical services. Young Darby took really ill last night after 1:00 am. George was just thinking about going to bed when he heard the ambulance siren and saw it stop right outside Rob and Juanita?s house. (Yes, they?ve finally moved.) He had his boots and coat on in a minute and was there in the next minute as the attendants were lifting Darby into the ambulance. He stayed with Kyla so both parents could go to the Health Centre. A doctor and nurse were at the Centre by the time they arrived. They checked her out and were able to send her home and the doctor made an appointment for a further check this morning. She has been given the ok to rest and stay home over the weekend. I just talked to her on the phone and interrupted her while she was dusting the table!

My progress on my tablecloth is getting very slow. I am now only on row 70 but the rounds certainly get longer as I proceed. I hope to hang in there and basically finish it before summer.

The big quilt raffle is tomorrow so I don?t have the results but thanks to the Quilters who sold us the quilts at rock bottom prices (I don?t even think it covered the materials used) and to all the people who bought tickets. A BIG thanks to all the people who sold tickets–including the books I was supposed to sell.

Our next 49 Forever meeting is on March 18 starting at 6:00 with a Bring-Something- To Eat Supper. This will be followed by Dr. Helm who will talk about health and even answer the question that was suggested by a 49 Forever member. We know the doctors are busy during the day–and the night so ?What can we do to help you?? is our question. Sounds interesting.

If you have never been to a 49 Forever meeting all you have to do is to come and pay $2.00 which goes to the Community Centre for rent and set up. See you there.