49 Forever

The closest News outlet is Edmonton. What is happening in the Peace River District? I have no idea unless you tell me.

So what do I watch? Well, I keep up with Canadian CTV news and American CNN news and news from Edmonton and Vancouver. So when the roof blew off the swimming pool in D C. I had to hear that from someone on the street.

I also watch sports–partly due to my younger life but mainly due to marriage! In my youth I was very interested in the sports I participated in. Track, including running and high jumping! I also was very active in basketball! Hard to visualize, isn?t it? When I grew up I actually taught phys ed at one time. I think it was because I was the only young person on the staff. Our children were very active in swimming, hockey and figure skating so, of course, I got involved in those sports–as a spectator! Swimming, in the summer, involved going to a meet every weekend and even got talked into getting involved with the meets.

When I got married I felt I should pay attention to my husband?s interests. Sportswise he was involved in basketball and golf. No problem. I could watch his basketball games and play golf with him. No problem. We were living in Victoria at the time so I went golfing with him–once. That one game convinced me that companionship with George in a golf game was impossible.. He was polite but I soon realized ?as I got more tense and played worse every hole. I didn?t know anyone there and no one suggested lessons so that was the end in my career in golf.

Now my time for actual activities has shrunk nearly to zero. I say ?nearly? because my sister gave us a tape called ?Seniorcise?s?. Her excuse for giving it to us instead of doing the exercises herself was that she didn?t know how to use her VCR. Now, She?s a smart girl so that was no excuse–she either thought I needed them more than she did (this was before my feet episode) or someone gave her the tape (sort of insulting?) and she didn?t feel she should throw it away. Anyway, we tried it twice last week and vowed to continue so you may see us slimmer, and more fit this summer.

But. back to TV–and crocheting. That?s been ongoing as I do them both at the same time. This is more of a detriment to my crocheting because when I get really interested in the TV I tend to make a lot more mistakes in crocheting. I happened to be watching hockey when Bertuzzi , made his big hit this past week. Personally, I prefer hockey to violence of any sort even if it was retribution for hitting his friend . I recognize that fights and other violence is what brings many fans to the rink–I guess I am in the minority when I say I go to watch hockey.

When I started this column I felt that most of us women tend to adapt our listening choices to our partner?s preferences when we watch TV together. But after rambling on here I?m not so sure. Even if that is true I wonder if it is bad or has listening to someone else?s choices broadened our interests and enriched our lives.