49 Forever

I?m writing this as I watch the snow fall. I get a really good view because our patio door is just across the room. Yesterday we went to Dawson Creek so I could see the dentist and I certainly did. He took from 11:00 am until twenty to one just excavating one tooth until he finally found a root canal and by that time I had a hole in my tooth which felt as big as a garage and there was no time left to complete the job. So I now have an oversize temporary fill and a BIG toothache. But this is a temporary ailment which will be long gone before you read this.

My big activity next week, March 26, 27 and 28 is when we will have the annual Cancer Daffodil Sale in Shop Easy. All proceeds to the Cancer Society of course and the price per bunch is only $3.00. (We only have 300 bunches so get there early!)

The more snow that falls the more I seem to get interested in doing something outside. Gardening, travelling, picnicking, even sitting on the deck in the sunshine. I hope all this energy stays here when I can do these things–with Hortense, of course. I?ve been a bit oversensitive I know. In some stores I have been unable to walk down an aisle because there is someone there looking at the merchandise and there is no room for me so I have had to go over an aisle. This has never happened when I have been pushing a shopping cart (which is wider than Hortense). And then, they are not comfortable with a disabled person so they tend to give me room but don?t look at me. I think I used to belong to this group–I didn?t want to pay special attention to them and appear to be staring. When I really look at it I felt quite uncomfortable to be out there pushing Hortense. Thanks to Chris who suggested we meet them at the sidewalk cafĂ© for coffee and, by all means, bring Hortense. So we went down and I met so many people that I hadn?t seen for ages that taking Hortense out for a walk hasn?t been a problem since.

Remember, a few weeks ago when we had a lady from Dawson Creek come and talk to us about Hospice and Palliative Care? At that time we set up two committees to be chaired by Bill Hendley and Doug Foerester. They have formed separate organizations. Bill?s group has identified a number of areas where help is needed and they are ready to form a Board of Directors. The group is called TR Cares and you can find more about it by calling Bill or Brian Sipe. The other group , chaired by Doug Foerester, has formed the TR Hospice and Palliative Care Society. They have already had day courses on Hospice care and grief counselling and are ready for business. They have already had people sign up for the next course. If you are interested phone Ann Jewra for details.

I really applaud these two groups and am sure they will bring much needed services to Tumbler Ridge. These groups are both independent from each other and from 49 Forever. Of course, most of their members belong to 49 Forever so, we will continue to get information from them.