49 Forever

Wall-to-wall blue again–and I didn?t even ask for it. Of course, it may be snowing again tonight and I didn?t ask for that either. After all, this is what weather here is like–unpredictable. I didn?t ask for that either and that brings me to an old saying that goes something like this; ?Instead of grumbling because you don?t get what you want, be thankful you don?t get what you deserve.? That?s sort of scary when you think of it so–no more grumbling.

We?re off to Grande Prairie today to hold our daughter?s hand. She is having surgery and wants her mother! She is in her thirties so this may seem like an unnatural request but aren?t we lucky to have children so close to us (and not just geographically). Son Rob and daughter-in-law Juanita will look after the house, water the plants etc. If they do as well as young Darby did in the restaurant we?ll be fine. We had just arrived and George had to make a quick trip to the car so he asked our four-year old granddaughter year old if she would look after her grandmother in his absence. And did she ever: helped off with my coat, made sure it was safely hung over the chair, put my serviette on my lap, arranged my knife and fork correctly, moved my water within reach etc. etc.

And it?s not just family. I promised the cancer society that I would look after the daffodil sale and now I?m leaving town. Thanks to Rosemary and all the volunteers I phoned and thanks to Shop Easy. Not only did they agree to our presence but they also said it was ok to have the daffodils delivered there. Then Neil said he would be sure they put out a table and two chairs for our use!

So, what?s new! This is Tumbler Ridge.

One thing I hope will soon be permanently on this paper?s web site will be a directory ?What?s on this week? or a catchy name if anyone can think of one. This would list the regular meeting dates of all organizations but would also list the date if it is ?this week?. We will list all special occasions for anyone who is putting something on such as a benefit dinner. (We have just missed two because we didn?t find out about them till after they were over.) I will be phoning many people before the first listing–and then I hope you`ll learn to phone me.

We have recently joined the Dino Days Society and will soon be sending (or bringing) letters to businesses asking for financial help. This group is planning 2 days of fun, food, games, friendship at an affordable price for families. The Society is incorporated so can give you a receipt for income tax purposes. We need physical help too. Phone 5831 for further information. The event is on September 4 and 5

I?ll now rush off to Happy Hookers. By the way–does anyone need a quantity of ecru crochet cotton? I think it?s about size 30. Even after I get my tablecloth finished I will have many balls left!!!! Call me at 3915.