That was the week it was I guess. First we went to Grande Prairie to be with our daughter while she had an operation and we stayed a few days until she was up and at it and ready to come home to Dawson Creek. Before we had time to come home I had to go to Fort St. John to see about my upcoming cataract removals .and then I had a dentist appointment in Dawson Creek the next day and then we came HOME. The sun was shining and we were ready to just loaf for a while. It was not to be.

The first thing we did was to check the messages on the answering machine. One was from his nephew in Kamloops saying that his dad in Vancouver was in hospital and, to add to the reasons he was there, cancer had been discovered in his lungs and he had refused any further treatment. Now, this is George?s brother Don. A few phone calls later to nephew, hospital, airline, hotel etc. and

George leaves today for an indefinite stay. We decided I would be more trouble than I?d be worth so I am staying here. Before he leaves for the plane he is stocking up groceries etc. for me. Don?t expect me around town for a few days. I?ll be here loafing, crocheting on my tablecloth, watching TV–waiting for the phone to ring.

Our daughter, Crosbie and grandsson John may come and visit.and convalesce but I don?t think she is driving yet so we will be shut-ins together. Of course, Rob and Juanita are just two houses away and he has already phoned to see if I?d like to come there and when I said I was fine alone he asked if I had figured a way to get out of the bathtub alone. What a sigh of relief when I said I had!

All of these problems will be solved by the time you read this and I?ll be thinking of the up-coming Free For All Arts Day so, all artists and craftsmen please call me (so I won?t have to phone you).

And, speaking of Art, I hope you took a good look at Don Buchanan?s display in the Art Gallery in the Community Centre. Can you believe he does all his carving etc. on scrap wood and the only tool he uses is a jack knife? I hope he will come to Free For All Arts Day so you can see him at work. You may even get some carving tips from him.

And still speaking of Art, our next gallery display will be photographs by Gary Holmlund. Wow!

And, still speaking of Art, do you remember the Art Display we had for a week last year? The Regional Juried Art Show? This year it is Chetwynd?s turn to host the show. All artists should have received entry forms, if not call me at 3915. The entry deadline is coming up soon so be sure you get your entries in soon!