49 Forever

My learning curve this week took a big upturn.

George went to Vancouver last week to visit his brother who was ill. Less than 48 hours after he arrived his brother died. Don had visited us often so some of you will remember him. Actually, he was looking forward to coming up this summer. Our daughter , Crosbie, flew out for the memorial service which was on Wednesday and I expected them back Friday. Guess what? They missed the plane!!!! They should arrive today.

Of course, it is Easter weekend and I expect most of the rest of the family to arrive (at least for Sunday and its dinner and egg hunt). The question is ?When will they get here?. As I say, I have learned a lot this week–but not how to use e mail. I?m sure it would tell me when to expect everybody.

As most of you know I have limited mobility as I cannot predict which direction my feet will take. I plan to walk straight ahead and my feet want to go left. Hence the walker, Hortense . Without my walker I have to keep one hand on something stable. This week I learned to wash dishes with one hand. I also learned that I can?t put something big or heavy in the oven if would take two hands as I have to keep one hand on the kitchen island. I can?t sweep or vacuum the floor but Ellie did that for me. Needless to say, I can?t drive a car.

This all brings me back to friends. They have come to visit, to bring food, and to drive me somewhere. Juanita and Rob have been great and will chauffer me anywhere. Thanks also to Chris and Brenda and others for rides and food.

49?ers and others don?t forget that, at our regular meeting, Thursday., April 15, we will have a lawyer to talk about wills, probate, etc. We will also have information on the funeral itself–how to plan for that. Both speakers will answer questions. This is an open meeting so anyone can attend. These speakers will speak at 7:00 pm.

As the weather improves we will be planning events for summer weather. Please bring all your suggestions to me or to Mary Buist or Joyce Stenvall. We are already planning a ?Gardening Hints? meeting for May and something outdoors for June. Please give us your ideas. I already have one pansy in bloom!

I hope you have all had as good an Easter as I expect to. In there with all the eggs and bunnies I hope you will have remembered the real meaning of Easter–?Christ is risen!?