49 Forever

Here it is, almost the end of April and I?m just as disorganized as I was last summer. I just organize from one crisis to another. Right now I have only two days to go before the next one for me–Free for All Arts Day.

As usual, my problem is that I didn?t start soon enough to line up participants etc., etc. So, here I am, worrying again when I could just be sitting back knowing it will be a success. Do I ever learn?

It seems to me that in the last few days I have heard many comments like these: I put it in the paper and no one has phoned to volunteer; there are only four people on our staff and no one is getting along with anybody; I lent that book to ??? and I haven?t got it back yet; I was looking forward to that event and now it?s cancelled etc etc I?ll admit that I have made some of those comments myself.

Actually, when I went downtown today I did meet some cheerful people. And the event that always makes me so glad to live in TR happened again. As I was fumbling my way out of the car a couple of teen-age boys asked me if they could help me. This seems to happen every time I go to enter the Community Centre; they hold the door or push the button. Thanks, young gentlemen. I must say that we were in Edmonton last week and I really missed you. Once again–you made my day!

While in Edmonton we bought a new car. It has a few features that our other one didn?t have. The main one, of course, is that it goes! It also tells us the temperature outside which we don?t really always want to know. It has some of the features of our old car that I appreciate. You can heat the front seats for one. I really am a fresh-air person and I like open windows in my house but, when I?m travelling, I like the car warm and cozy. So, on the hottest day in summer if you see me driving by wrapped to my ears in a quilt you?ll know that George has the air-conditioning on.

I suspect that the last statement shows how long George and I have been married. In my first few years I would probably have expected him to turn off the air-conditioning–in fact, I might have told him to and then he might have told me to–and so on. And carrying that line of thought on to its logical conclusion–then we wouldn?t have had our nice children or, even worse, we wouldn?t have had the eight most wonderful grandchildren in the world–all of them good-looking, brilliant, well-behaved and ours!!!!