49 Forever

I am sure you received the Pitch In Week flyer that was delivered to all of us this week. I am also sure that you all hoping Tumbler Ridge will continue getting even more beautiful than it is now so I can assume that you are just dying to get out there and pick up garbage. Maybe we could do as it was suggested and choose a spot and get it on the town?s map.

Year?s ago Tumbler Ridge had a program called Adopt a Block. You put your name on a big map in the Community Centre on a section of town a block or more in size and promised to keep it clean for the summer. I was a sort of co-sponsor for the project . We sent everyone a package of seed just to get them inspired. When our seed donation from seed companies ran out Quintette gave us a pound of seed and we put it in small bags and completed our rounds. Apparently, that seed cost the mine over $75 and they used it in their required reclamation project. It was a mixture of about 10 different flower seeds, all hardy in this area.

George and I chose both sides of Mackenzie Way from Murray to Murray. Now this might sound simple to you as it did to us—-at the time. We happily went out, each carrying a garbage bag, and started picking up pop bottles and fruit containers by the dozen along the walkway. No problem.

Our next foray took us into the trees. This was more rewarding if you call bigger junk rewarding.

Finally we got to where the green areas met fences.

We couldn?t believe it, or carry the stuff. On the Steeprock side we found old furniture, piles of tin can, and even several old stoves, and cardboard boxes just thrown over back fences. This was a lot more challenging than we had bargained for!

When we got all this stuff out we found a once-a-week walk was all it needed.

I think our general attitude has improved over the intervening years. We now have an active recycling program (and you even get money back!). An untidy front yard is hard to find. But the wind still blows papers down the street into the gutters or into your yard so be sure to pick it up this time. And, do like we did, pick an area where there are no residents and, therefore, no resident garbage picker-upper. Just drive around town or walk through the walkways (bear walks as we used to call them) and gather the paper caught on fences etc. You can find a rewarding spot somewhere, even if your area is spotless. Personally, I don?t know what I can do. I know I?ll keep the coffee pot on and a plate of goodies handy just ready for you to take a break from pitching in!

Happy Hunting!