49 Forever

I apologize for not being here last week. I went up to Fort St. John for routine eye surgery to get a cataract removed and ended up in Edmonton for more eye surgery. As usual I had a rare complication for which Fort St. John did not have the right equipment. It was not the shopping, sight seeing excursion I would have planned but our two daughters were there so we had a good visit. If you see me walking around with an eye patch on that?s for your benefit, not mine. My eye is well on the way to recovery but it still looks as if I had been in a fight (or several) so the patch is just to save you from the unpleasant view.

Be sure you come out to 49 Forever next Thursday, May 20. We will have potluck, as usual, and then members of the Gardening Club will share their expertise with us. There will be time for you to share your garden experiences too! It is getting to the time of year when it may be pleasant outdoors so we will discuss summer meetings.

We will be having Red Ribbon Days the third weekend in August. We are already reviewing last year?s list of classes and have added a few that were recommended after last year?s show. Watch this paper?s e-mail site for more information. It really is time to start the projects you want to enter so we are getting the info out earlier than last year. If you have any questions don?t hesitate to phone me at 242 3915.

We took a garden tour here in our own yard and, believe, me it doesn?t take long! Neither of us is very agile so we just checked to see which plants and shrubs have survived–and most have. The best find in the garden was our niece Kerry?s bracelet. She lives in Athabasca but thought she might have left it in the house when she was home (here) at Easter but we looked everywhere and had to tell her it is not in this house. On our garden tour we found it in the rockery! It must have come off as she was hiding Easter eggs.

Once again, it?s thanks time. Thanks to Sharon and the Library for delivering a great selection of talking books and thanks to Crys for lending us the tape recorder. We have one somewhere–maybe in the garage? The cookies, the squares, the soup, the fresh buns——I don?t wish bad fortune to anybody but how can I repay you all? All I have is my thanks, again.