49 Forever

It?s really hard these days to turn TV on without an overdose of elections. I am no longer a ?soaps? fan and have graduated (?) to the news. We are on cable so have a limited choice in channels. So I watch the Canadian channels–the rotating TSN, Vancouver and Edmonton. I also watch American CNN on a regular basis.

The American channel has been concentrating on events in Iraq. It discusses various opinions about the actual starting of the Iraq war and also the conduct of the war. Now, it spends much of its time on the election, even though it doesn?t ignore the daily occurrences in Iraq.

In this short time, since Martin set the election date, I have heard the policies of each party. I also have almost convinced myself that my choice won?t win but I have my fingers crossed.

Just the word ?election? brings me back to George?s foray into politics in Tumbler Ridge. (He had already served on Council in Dawson Creek.) At the time, Quintette Mine let each candidate run off 1500 copies of his resume and platform etc. and then it went into all mail boxes so everybody had a chance to know something about those running for office. Our daughter was living with us at the time and, when we were debating what other advertising we should do she said, ?Let?s buy about 20 small posters that say ?Let George do it.? We did and he won. When time for re-election came our posters just said ?Let George do it again.? That worked. Then the Mayor left town midway through his term so George decided to run for that position. ?Recycle George? did the trick But what to do when he came up for re-election??? He won again and his posters were ?Recycle George again? but we spray-painted it on old news papers!!. He had to quit running because we couldn?t think of another poster (Just kidding).

Speaking of running–There is much interest here in entering another slow-pitch team in this fall?s

Provincial Seniors Games. If interested, contact Doug Foerster at 242 5870, or Joan Ruck at 242 4439.