49 Forever

Today is June 10, 2004 just four days after D Day (60 years ago!). That day proved to be more exciting than I ever thought it would be. I was in Edmonton at that time when the church bells rang with the message that the Allied Forces had started the invasion which ultimately ended the second world war! I was supposed to have a piano lesson that day so I needed to have an excuse for missing it. The husband of the teacher informed me that, as I could never top that excuse I had better show up for the next lesson. What I had added to the excuse was that my sister chose that day to have her first baby and gave me my first nephew! Her husband was in the Canadian Army and was on the invasion force leaving from the south coast of England and she had received a badly censored letter which told her that something was in the works, so she was not only thrilled to have her baby but was also aware that her husband was now in great danger. Fortunately for all of us he returned safely about a year later. As you can understand it was never difficult for us to remember her son?s birthday.

Yesterday, George and I were invited to go to Dawson Creek and meet with their museum society because there was to be a dinner in honour of the person most active in Tumbler Ridge?s becoming more than just a wilderness about a hundred kilometres from their city. As some of you will know that person is Don Phillips, a resident of Dawson Creek, and this area?s MLA and cabinet minister. It was his insistence and persistence that organized the helicopter tour, and among many other hard and difficult negotiations was the most prominent promoter of the development of this community!

A few of you may know that George was on the council in Dawson Creek prior to the development of our town. The councils of all the neighbouring towns were invited to help the mines decide if there should be a town here, or if it should be just the mines and a commuter system to bring the workers from those communities to the work sites. He was the only member of that council who favoured the establishment of a town here and, fortunately for all of us, the mines chose the evolution of a town here! Don, who now resides in Australia, came home for the ceremony and we all enjoyed having him as the guest of honour at the Pioneer Village.

We were the benefactors as we now live in Shangri la! Soon we will be invaded by all the wonderful tourists who want to find dinosaur remains, who are to be thrilled with the most scenic part of the Rockies, who will enjoy everything that we have to offer and be instrumental in bringing prosperity to us all!

This article has not been endorsed by our tourist association, or the town council, or any local entrepreneurs. So be it!