49 Forever

It seems I have become a bit of a recluse lately. I have spent a lot of time sleeping–for no good reason as I always sleep all night–which should be enough. Every day I plan to walk around the block, just for exercise, but then something comes up. I am still crocheting the tablecloth that I started back in January or February so my conscience is clear if I do a round (or less). Then there are always new magazines coming and the news to watch and—–

I do attend a few meetings though.. I represent 49 Forever at the TRUC meetings (Tumbler Ridge Umbrella Committee) where reps of different groups discuss problems in town and discuss how they can be solved. For example, there are several residents who have to go to medical appointments in Dawson Creek or even here in Tumbler Ridge and have no car or cannot drive.

A taxi to Dawson is financially out of the question for them. How can they be helped? Or, do we have enough counsellors here to meet the growing needs?

And I also go the GrizFest meetings . I don?t think I can contribute much here but they are really interesting. We try to cover every possible eventuality. Last year?s fest attracted a large number of out-of-towners and they had such a good time that we expect them to come back–and bring there friends. Last year the Flatbed Campsite was full as was the trailer park by the ball diamonds. Those are the two legal areas in town for campers or RV?ers. We came up with several other possibilities which will be checked out. If they are ok then we have to look into services–water, biffies etc. Then there other arrangements to be made: securely fencing the grounds, hiring security guards, borrowing two or more RV?s for the entertainers during the show, choosing the performers (this has been done), choosing the T-shirts and pencils for sale and then selling them–the list goes on forever. There area food booths and such for rent within the area. If you are interested just see Cheryl.

I go to the Tumbler Ridge Health Centre Foundation which raises money to provide items needed in the Health Centre which are not provided by Northeast Health. This is a long process because we have to get the item approved by Northeast Health (item, brand, serial number, price etc) so they will fit in with other similar equipment for which they will have to repair parts etc. We have been waiting for a price for several months!

I am an irregular attendee at Happy Hookers and the Red Hat Society which I really enjoy but seem to conflict with other commitments.

We even go to the Retired Teachers? Association. It usually meets in Dawson but will meet here in August.

And, of course, I go to 49 Forever.