49 Forever

Our June meeting was held on June 17 and we took our food into the wilderness. We temporarily lost several of our members (including George and me) but finally we were all found and our usual feast was soon set out. This time we had a campfire so most of us also roasted hot dogs. After we had eaten, Don Nesbitt took the energetic on a hike while the rest of us just sat around the fire and chatted. There really is nothing as relaxing as sitting by a fire under the trees.

At our previous meeting in May in Room 4 we decided that we wouldn?t have any formal meetings during the summer but I am not averse to having a spontaneous barbecue some evening.

Last Friday we went to Dawson Creek to grandson John?s fifth birthday and then on Saturday we made cotton candy at Aboriginal Days at the Walter Wright Pioneer Museum. There were several hundred in attendance including a number of tourists visiting the village. They were really surprised that all the food and entertainment was free and that they were so warmly invited to enjoy, to join in, and enjoy the day.


I expect that many of us are expecting relatives and friends to visit us away up here in Tumbler Ridge sometime during the summer. We are really looking forward to our son Doug?s visit , with grandchildren of course, in late July. They live in Victoria and we haven?t seen them since they were here for Christmas–entirely too long ago! I expect they?ll walk and see some dinosaur tracks, visit our place on the Red Willow River in Alberta, go swimming, visit relatives etc. while they are here.

It is quite a surprise to have such warm weather for so many days in a row. I even have bought a hat with a brim but I?m actually spending most of my time inside as we have no shade in our yard. Kyla and Darby come over quite often and they always want to play ?Fish?. They always want to play with the full deck and, as our deck has three unmatched cards, this really bothers my competitive sense. However, they accept this quite happily and insist on including the three odd cards.

Have you got your souvenir T-shirts and your tickets to Grizfest yet? We are expecting even more people this year, many of whom will bring motor homes and campers. While the program is finalized there are still many details to look after-food, fencing, stage, lights etc. etc. There will be no parade this year but we still expect you all to come out to the Lions? breakfast anyway.

.Right now I think I?ll get some water with ice and avoid looking at out outdoor thermometer. It said 30 the last time I looked.