49 Forever

What a wonderful day! Horizon to horizon pure blue and our older daughter, our son-in-law and three perfect (?) grandchildren visiting us. Not only are they here but our daughter, Nicola, is out weeding our flower beds. What more could anybody want! (Actually I want them to empty our little motor home?s contents into the garage. Right now it is a storage shed so isn?t too useful for travelling.)

We bought the vehicle second-hand because we liked its floor plan. However, it has a Daimler (?) motor which has caused some complications. It has a number of interesting features. For example–the first night we had it the weather was very cool and we had only bought one quilt. We froze. We didn?t want to start the engine and it didn?t seem to be much help anyway. In the morning we noticed a couple of fixtures on the wall at the foot of the bed. On closer look we read ?thermostat?. It worked too but not off the motor. I certainly hope we can get it fixed–at a reasonable price of course.

It is all very peaceful here. You could easily say ?not a creature is stirring?) Hart is playing on a had held game boy?, Elizabeth is with their dogs outside, Len is reading and Jordan is sleeping.

The front flower beds were planted when we moved here and it still is sort of a surprise when things come up. I think I should attend the Garden Club more regularly. For example: in our front beds a round leaf plant started to pop up. I didn?t recognize it but it grows and spreads like a weed. Nick doesn?t know it either but is weeding it out anyway.

Nicola and here family are here for a few days and then they are flying to Vietnam for 5 weeks holiday. They have all been reading up on the country and have a tentative route picked out. Elizabeth is even learning a few words but has no idea if her pronunciation is anywhere near correct. They have found out that the railway is efficient and inexpensive so expect they will be using it for most of their travel. Oh to be young and fancy free–and in good health.

Almost as soon as they leave we will have son Doug, his friend Mark, and our grandsons Kieran and Eric. Daughter Crosbie and grandson John will be here some of the time as she will be on holidays. Her husband is presently working in Fort Nelson so she will be there too.

Other than washing and changing more sheets than usual life will be more enjoyable. George may find it more restful as both Doug and Nicola are really good cooks!

I expect that this list of what we are doing is pretty boring but I also expect many of you are having family and friends visit you this summer and could give us some information. Perhaps I could get a list of grandchildren here to visit grandparents this summer. I?ve met some already.

Grizfest is nearly here. The committee is expecting more visitors from out-of-town this year so the town will be really full. Do you have your tickets yet?

See you there!