49 Forever

What a beautiful day! Again!!

Our three boys, aged 5, 7, and 11, are playing remarkably well together. They have been doing so for 4 days already so I have great hope for the future.

Meanwhile Mark has been cleaning the garage­yes, we are still doing

that. I cringe to think that he may be throwing out things I call

treasures as I?m sure daughter Nickie did last week.

Doug also brought a box of plants from his yard in Victoria that he felt might survive here. He also planted them!

Rob, Juanita, Kyla and Darby have gone on holidays so we are missing the boy?s cousins for a few days. When we had four children I really enjoyed them­most of the time anyway. As I expected they . the four of them, all get along well now. But I had no idea how special grandchildren are.

But enough of our family.

Recently I read in a CPP leaflet that if you had been working and then had children (after 1958) and stayed home with them until they were seven to contact them. I did as three of our children were born after 1958. I got a very short form asking for a birth certificate or baptismal certificate for each of the three children. I promptly got a significant amount of money. I guess I don?t read my mail of something because I mentioned this to a couple friends and they each said ?Oh! I know that.? Just in case you haven?t heard of it and it applies to you just phone 1800 277 9914 and RRDO (child rearing drop-out provision) will promptly send you a short form to fill out.

Our daughter, Nicola, has just phoned from the Vancouver airport to say good-bye again and, of course, the three small boys all had to say good-by to auntie Nickie again. Fortunately, they have three hour wait for the flight to Hong Kong en route to Vietnam.

I am already getting phone calls from crafters to reserve tables for the annual TRISPS Craft Fair. This year it is early to avoid November 11. Our date is November 5 and 6. To get more info or to reserve a table phone Janet at 242 3915..