49 Forever

Our computer is being an individualist today but we have finally mastered it!

I am writing this on Friday, August 6–a very dreary looking day. Not only are we almost fogged in but our son Doug and his boys, Kieran (11) and Eric (7) are leaving tomorrow after three weeks of boredom for the boys (relieved somewhat with games on the computer) and solid work for Doug. If he hasn?t been trying to clear out our garage he has been washing clothes for us all–and for the Thrift Store. The garage isn?t perfect yet but most of the stuff we aim to keep is labelled and stacked against one wall–and I can clear out the rest. Whether I will or not is a question but he will be home again, we hope, for Christmas turkey to be served this year on New Year?s Day. This family is so flexible in its plans I can hardly remember who is where. Let?s see. Doug and boys are here but back in Victoria for Doug to go back to work on Monday. (It will seem like a holiday for him!) Nicola and family are in Hanoi or somewhere in Vietnam or Cambodia. The last email we got was from Hanoi and it stated they were going on a walking tour. Crosbie is in Fort Nelson until the end of the week and then back to work in Dawson Creek. Juanita, Rob, Kyla and Darby are still here. At least they?d better be because we are planning to go there for supper.

This week we hosted a small group of members of the Retired Teachers? Association. The deal was that it would be a Pot Luck lunch and we would provide a tour–the town, the Falls, a Dinosaur site???? As it turned out the guests brought so much food we are still eating it and we spent so much time talking that we didn?t get any further than our deck. It was such a great time for reminisces and updates that we didn?t go anywhere!

It will be quite lonely for us as next week will be the first time this holidays that we have not had some member of the family here. It will not only be lonely but it will be a real shock as all our visiting kids have cooked the meals, tidied the house, washed our clothes etc.

But there are lots of activities here in TR and we will be at many of them. Don?t forget the Garden Tour in mid August for example.

Our next 49 Forever meeting will be on Thursday, September 16 and will start as usual at 6:00 pm. Joining us will be our MLA, Blair Lexstrom. Blair is going to focus on seniors health and Provincial Health Programs. While this is designed for 49 Forever people it is open to the public and he will be pleased to answer questions or speak to individuals. See you all there.