49 Forever

This week was one of those completely filled with meetings, all of them interesting.

Tuesday started with a Grizzly Valley Days meeting where we made plans for this year?s Grizfest to be held once again on the long weekend at the beginning of August. Negotiations are already underway for some of the groups we hope to bring in. Plans were also confirmed that the family events we used to have (the duck race, the inexpensive hot dog and hamburger lunch, the children?s games) will be held at the end of the school?s summer holidays. Florence Stirling and friends will plan this event. Needless to say both these events need many volunteers. If you want to volunteer for Grizfest phone Cheryl at the Community Centre. If you are more interested in the later event just call Florence.

After that meeting was over I managed to get to the Library?s AGM. This Board selects half the members every year for continuity. Larry White is the new Chair. The Library has always been one of my main interests and I am sure that Larry will make a great leader. Back in 1983 when I was teaching school here in the modular school (at the open end of Aspen Drive) the Public Library was in a small corner of the Rec Centre close to the school. (That was before the present Rec Centre was built?when the building now being used by the New Life Assembly was also located near Aspen Drive and used as the Rec Centre.)

By February 1944 the High School was opened and I became the Librarian. I had already ordered books, furniture, shelves etc. so I had lots of room to keep the Public Library?s books and look after them. Needless to say I wasn?t open evenings but, as most mine workers were on a 12 hour shift, that did not seem to bother anybody. When the Rec Centre was completed the Public Library spread out in its new location. Then, when I retired from teaching, I was able to continue my interest by going on the Library Board. Needless to say it will remain one of my major interests.

Wednesday we usually go to the Community Choir practice which we thoroughly enjoy. It contributes more to us than we do to it. We can?t really sing but so far no one has complained, at least not in our hearing. This week, however, we went to Itchy Feet and listened to Lorraine Harrison as she showed their slides of Mexico. They were inspiring although I have to admit that my days of climbing in and out of valleys is over. If you have never attended Itchy Feet by all means watch for the posters. Residents of Tumbler Ridge who have slides or tapes of their travels are invited to show them, with commentary, in the Library at Itchy Feet. Please contact Dr. Helm if you could provide a show.

Thursday, of course, was 49 Forever. After dinner Larry White proved to us that more people use the Library than any other facility in town. I also spoke for a few minutes about the Health Centre Foundation. For those interested, its next meeting will be in the Health Centre Board Room on February 5 at 1:00 pm. The 49 ers left their meeting early and joined the public meeting to hear what the developer of the apartment block on Northgate had to say. Apparently it is being built as a ?higher end? apartment hotel to increase our tourist accommodations. There was a large crowd in attendance and many, many questions from the floor. The building is being renovated but the property has not yet been rezoned and there are still many unanswered questions.

And, how was your week?