49 Forever

Gorgeous Weather again today. At least it is for those of us who like it hot and sunny. I do but George burns at the drop of a hat. (!)

We just got an e mail from our daughter and family who are holidaying in Vietnam. ?Today was sunny in Nha Trang, a beach resort area in South Vietnam. We tried out the 16 foot catamaran in the South China Sea. Went very fast. Everyone got wet but the water was very warm. Yesterday we went snorkelling and after the initial encounter with many jelly fish (not a pleasant experience) we were able to see coral and fish like we?ve never seen before. Too bad about the garbage. Last night we found a German restaurant with authentic German food which was a nice break for everyone. Tomorrow, we head for Saigon and from there up the Mekong River to Cambodia.? She signed it ?The People? meaning our daughter, her husband Len and three children aged 10 to 15.

Obviously they are handling their money very well as they travel for a month every summer . When George and I both worked as teachers we certainly could not have afforded this type of travel every year.

At the moment we are getting a small deck built off our dining area–just big enough for morning coffee! Please feel free to join us.

Don?t forget Dino Days before school starts. It?s designed for kids and their parents. We have ordered a new candy floss machine and, while it is coming from somewhere in the States, they have sent us one to use until it arrives. So we?ll be there.

Tomorrow, August 14, we will be going on the Garden Tour and I expect to get inspired again! I hope it works fo me this time.

Next Friday, August 22, we can all view the entries in Red Ribbon Days at the Community Centre. See you in Rooms 4 and/or 5.