49 Forever

Just when we have a new, nice little ?morning coffee? little deck, the weather changes. I think the answer to that problem is to put on warmer clothes.

Red Ribbon Days is over for another year. We had very few entries but I guess our advertising was not good. It has been suggested that if we gave good prizes we would get more entries. To me, that sort of defeats the purpose of the Fair itself but I guess I?m too old fashioned. We certainly will look into all angles this year. In fact, we already have next year?s entry list made up and plan to circulate it this fall so you can preserve some fruit and get that tablecloth started. What really surprised me was that there were no adult entries in baking and preserving and only three in horticulture. I went on the Garden Tour so I know that many people could have entered cut flowers or floral arrangements.

Remember that at the Craft Fair this coming November 12 and 13 you can sell baking as well as knitting, wood work, leather work, painting, etc etc. It is time to book a table for this event so just call me at 242 3915.

Remember, it is still the TRISPS (Tumbler Ridge Indoor Swimming Pool) craft fair. We started raising money to build an indoor Pool away back in 1983 and finally in the late 80?s the town decided we needed a pool and found enough money , including grants, to take over the project. We have continued The Craft Fair and all money earned is banked. This year we had enough money to buy a new wheel chair as the old one needed replacing. Our bank account is now at an all-time low so be sure to ?Come To The Fair.?

Speaking of baking did I tell you about Alice who promised to bake a cake for a bake sale? Well, she forgot all about it until the last minute but, fortunately had an angel food cake mix on hand. In her haste she took it out of the oven too soon and it fell in all a round the middle. She didn?t know what to do. I would have sent a donation and an apology but Alice had promised a cake so she stuffed the centre part with a small roll of toilet paper and iced the whole cake generously (including the roll of paper in the middle). It looked great and she took it to the sale. She also gave money to her daughter and told her to be right there at the beginning of the sale and buy the cake. The daughter went right to the sale when it opened but the cake was gone!

Alice panicked (again) but what could she do?

A couple of days later a friend invited her to a two-table bridge party at her home. After the games the hostess served a sumptuous lunch.. It included Alice?s beautiful cake! She panicked but decided she had to tell her hostess immediately. Just as she got up a guest said ?What a beautiful cake!?

To which the hostess replied ?Well, thank you. I baked it myself?.

This is the time I remind everyone to come to what?s on. Of course, TRISPS Craft Fair on November 12 and 13 but before that 49 Forever?s regular meeting will be on September 16 and the guest speaker is Blair Lekstrom our MLA. He will focus on programs for seniors but will answer questions on any topic Looking far ahead until November 26 and 27: the 10 000 Villages Craft Sale . This year I?d like to have a meeting of volunteers before the sale so, if you plan to help, please phone me, Janet. at 3915. Also we will take some of the sale items out of my garage as soon as the stuff arrives and get some of the items out to put in the gallery. If you are interest in that , give me a call. I can?t give a date but the sale items usually come about a week before the sale. This sale is in the Library and help is also need ed to display everything .

I hope I have helped you to fill in your spare time (?). If you have other ideas and need volunteers just let me know and I?ll include your information here. Don?t forger the paper?s Web site. It has more information than the newspaper itself.