Last night when I got home from the Gardening Club (thanks, Ms. Laming) I vowed to go into our back yard and look at our flowers today. I?ve only seen them from the house for weeks and a close-up view would be nice. And, what happened today? A real downpour–again. Maybe tomorrow?

So, I?ve just been sitting in the house, catching the news; actually I?ve heard enough of the Republican Convention already and I can?t even vote. And then I?ve spent a short while crocheting on my tablecloth but it takes ages now to just complete one round so progress is very slow. I?ve even caught up on incoming mail (almost).

One of the items I read in a Canadian magazine was a warning issued from Shell Oil some time ago. We are miles behind everyone so we have just bought a cell phone and really have yet to use it–carefully. Shell states that over 150 cases have occurred in which cell phones ignited fumes during fuelling operations. In one case the phone, placed on the car trunk lid, rang during refuelling, and the resulting fire destroyed both the car and the gas pump. In the second incident answering the phone while refuelling caused serious burns to the individual?s face, and in the third case the phone in a pocket rang while the car was being refuelled, causing burns to the leg and groin area.

It seems that cell phones which light up when switched on or when they ring, release enough energy to provide a spark for ignition. Almost all the incidents reported involved women who got back in their car while the nozzle was still pumping gas. When they got out and retrieved the nozzle a fire started as a result of static electricity. So, if you want to be really safe follow these rules when re-fuelling:

1.Turn off your engine.

2. Don?t smoke.

3. Leave your cell phone turned off and inside your vehicle.

4. Don?t re-enter your vehicle while refuelling.

This is just good advice, so on to the gardening!

I thoroughly enjoyed the Garden Club Meeting. I was a charter member (I think) and used to go regularly. I even helped weed a town garden away back when that was allowable. Now when they have procured a garden of their own to plant, pay for, and weed I?m pretty useless but hope I can be active in another way. I?m looking forward to the Club?s annual perennial sale later this month.

I?m not looking forward to my dentist appointment in Dawson Creek but we?ll go out for supper afterwards which is always nice. We enjoyed a lovely meal at the Dragon Palace early this week to celebrate Rob and Juanita? wedding anniversary. Naturally, their two daughters, Kyla and Darby were in the party and, as usual, behaved as young ladies should.

I have just taken another look into our back yard. The rain is still coming down but I can see my pigweed still topping the rockery but getting just a little bit seedy looking. The whole rockery has been taken over by nasturtiums. While they look very colourful and fresh where are all the blue flowers I put in for contrast??? We aim to develop a nice perennial border by the back fence but we just started it this year and, from here, it looks good to me (even through the falling rain).