49 Forever

Yesterday?s snow is still lingering around even though our thermometer says that it is now five degrees. My nasturtiums are under a pile of snow but a few snapdragons may have survived. I haven?t even looked at the front beds, largely because George?s tomatoes are there and I fear the worst. Actually, George covered them up so they may be fine.

The optimistic side of me says ?now we?ll have the golden days of fall–the real Indian Summer?.

A good place to start is to attend Mass Registration at the Community Centre on Tuesday, September 14, from 7 until 9 pm. Many groups will be there to give you information about their winter activities and to sign you up if you are interested. 49 Forever will have a table so visit us there.

George and I went to a special breakfast meeting of the Retired Teachers on the first day of school, Tuesday. At the appropriate time we all raised our glasses and said ?To hell with the bell?. We lingered over coffee and discussed ?the good old days? –the days when we were teaching. Some of our members spent their summer at the old school house in the Walter Wright Heritage Village guiding tourists back to the days of one-room schools. The whole Village is worth a visit. It even has a lot reserved for Tumbler Ridge whenever we want to put in a building and put up a display about ?our heritage?.

As usual, I have been watching the news from around the world. What has happened to the human race when so many of its activities are affected by violence? How much of that violence has its roots in the quest for oil? Before I get too serious and mention that our oil already goes to the United States I?ll get back to ?planning for the winter?.

My intentions for my winter activities already include helping organize the TRISPS Craft Fair on November 12 and 13. For more info or to book a table just give me a call 242–3915.

After that, on November 26 and 27, we will be displaying and selling crafts from third world countries. We get all our stuff from 10 000 Villages which goes around the world buying local crafts at fair prices and re-selling them in North America.

We have our sale in the Library and always need a few volunteers. If you have some spare time on those days please give me a call. The variety of the stock we get varies every year so receiving it is always fun. (So is buying it.) For those buyers who want to buy more than they expected we are happy to take Visa and Master Card.

My winter activities also include, as usual, keeping an art display in the little gallery at the Community Centre. Recently, it has been empty, as, apparently I was sent a message, third hand, that the person who booked the gallery was no longer able to get her art in. I did not get the message. Anyone wishing to show his/her art or crafts, please phone me. (3915) This gallery is run by the Art Council?s Art Shows Committee and we try to be no bother to the Front Desk (unless we warn them first!).

My other winter activities that I do just for fun include singing in the Community Choir, attending the Garden Club meetings and go to Happy Hookers. However, I am always open to suggestions as I am not out there climbing mountains or even looking at dinosaur tracks–activities I would love to be able to do.

I am now daring enough to check the tomatoes and then I can crochet on my tablecloth! The end is in sight.

See you at Mass Registration. And don?t forget Thursday, September 16, at 6:00 pm for food and then we will listen to Blair Lekstrom, our MLA who will speak on BC?s Health Programs for Seniors and will also answer questions. We will also ask you if you are interested in planning a second meeting a month for those who are interested in dancing.