49 Forever

I?ve been watching Hurricane Ivan and am quite exhausted. While I know that we are not likely to ever have a storm like that I can?t help thinking what if??????? Years ago we had a strong wind which did blow over several trees in town but didn?t cause any real damage or injury. As we live on Murray I don?t think flood damage is likely unless it is from a broken pipe.. Still I can?t help thinking what would I do. Of course, I suppose we always have an evacuation plan in mind in case of fire. What would I take out? Could I quickly run around the house and gather up valuables? Maybe the kids? pictures? Old and valued furniture? Old letters? The older and more disabled I get the shorter my list gets. Me–and I assume George will help with that.

Having solved that problem which I really don?t think will ever happen I am free to merely feel badly for the people that live in the hurricane zone. But, in the back of my mind, I realize tornadoes really have happened near here.

I hope you all went to Mass Registration this week to help you plan your winter activities. I hope also that you put 49 Forever on your list and included the monthly meeting and our new dance sessions. I also have put Happy Hookers on my list. It is a restful and popular activity. In fact, we are growing too big for Room 1. My list also includes the Community Choir which we joined many years ago. Neither of us have great voices but we thoroughly enjoy the evening including the one-liners.

I hope you are staying in town on the evening of November 12 and 13. This will be the 22nd consecutive year that the TRISPS Craft Fair has been held. All crafters are welcome. It costs only $5.00 to reserve a table and, after the sale, we collect 10% of your sales.. (You can overcome this charge by raising your prices 10% ) We set this rate back in 1983 because we felt it would encourage new crafters and not be too hard on experienced ones and we still feel the same way. All moneys go to buy things for the swimming pool, such as the new wheelchair bought this year.

TRISPS is short for The Indoor Swimming Pool Society which we formed in 1983 to make enough money to build an indoor pool. We raised money by any means we could and had well over $40 000 by 1990 when the Town decided to take over the project. I had just retired from teaching

so was able to spend day after day in Peter?s office phoning large companies who had sold a lot of heavy equipment to build and run the mines. I do not like asking for money but over the phone to complete strangers wasn?t too bad. I phoned businesses from all over, who had sold equipment to the mines, and got a good response even though many were in the States. We no longer have access to these sources and the pool is now built but we have maintained the Sale because it has become a tradition and the pool always can use money. I should add here that I don?t swim but I think swimming is one of the healthiest sports for kids.

Please phone and confirm your reservation with me even if you signed up last year. People move away and some of you my like your tables in a different location.

I have finally got into the back yard but not until some of the nasturtiums have been slightly frost damaged. I feel getting there was quite an accomplishment. I can?t say the same thing about my tablecloth. Maybe next week?