49 Forever

It seems that, so far this week, we have been coming and going over the road to Dawson every day. I can report that the paving of a few sections of that road is coming on fine and we feel we have made several new friends in the flagging crew.

Tuesday we went to the community of Rio Grande to go to the funeral of a somewhat distant cousin, Norman Liberty. He was a few years older than I am and I haven?t seen him for several years. However, my sister has kept touch and visited him in hospital. I thought he was a very quiet, reserved man who lived alone. How right I was but how wrong I was. The hall was packed for the funeral and I soon learned how respected he was in that community.

We barely got home from than when we had to go back to Dawson for a doctor?s appointment for George. Having successfully got that over last night about 8:00 o?clock we finally got home today–our tomatoes are not even frozen!

I can now get down to local events, particularly the Craft Fair. I know it doesn?t take place until November 12 and 13 but I want to assure that all our local crafters have reserved space. (Our regulars from out of town have already phoned and booked their usual tables.) A phone call to me at 3915 is all you need to join in.

I know that we all have appreciated the lovely flower gardens by the caboose and behind the Tourist Bureau. These two gardens are planted and weeded by the Garden Club. This is a time and money-consuming project but we can help. Club members will be ?house-cleaning? the garden and taking out surplus perennials. These will be sold to the public on September 27. Watch for posters. It sounds like a good deal to me–nobody loses.

This time of year is a good time to get some guidance on what to grow next year–or at least what plants need help at this time of year. For example, my nasturtiums have succumbed to inclement weather. I knew they would but they were glorious while they lasted. On the other hand the snapdragons are still a brilliant red. Our son, Doug, brought some plants from his garden when he came for holidays this summer At least the bent loosestrife (?) is still hearty and untouched by the recent frosts. Does anybody out there know if I should give it special treatment for the winter?

If in doubt about Christmas presents for some of your friends and relatives? You can quite likely find a solution at our sale of crafts from third-world countries at the 10 000 Villages Sale in the Library on November 26 and 27. This is an interesting sale as we get a different selection of crafts every year. We also get a different selection of volunteers too. If you want to be one, just let me know.

Right now, the town looks beautiful. In fact, I?m going to ask George to drive around so we can enjoy our neighbours? gardens.

Yesterday while we were in Dawson Creek I saw a sign ?Dawson Creek–a better place to live?. Should we add to it ?Tumbler Ridge–the best place to live??