I have just been looking at the Weather Channel?s weather report for Chetwynd (the closest I can get geographically). It gives me the good news that the weather prediction for the next week goes from -14 on Friday to -19 by next Friday and even -32 by Tuesday. Should I really worry? Of course not! As the temperature in our yard is about +5 and Chetwynd sits at -11 at the moment (4:30 Thursday) I?m not too concerned. Time will tell. But we?re used to weather changes and, right now, I?m happy with what we?re getting.

This has been a busy week, as usual, and I wouldn?t have it any other way. Last night we went to choir and had a good time as usual. We are selecting and practicing music for two different occasions–so we are sort of split personalities unless you can tell us the name of a piece of music we can sing at Java Jive and at the Gideons? Song Fest. We?ll be in both places. Come help us. Wednesday nights at 7:30 in Room 3.

I hope you are enjoying the Art Shows in the Gallery in the Community. At present, Garrett Goldhof has his burl work in the Gallery and you can credit the painting on one table to Robert McCallum, another Tumbler Ridge artist. If you are an artist and would like to display your work just phone me and book a time. There is no charge.

Remember the art show, Off your Walls?? For those of you who are really new here we used to have a show which filled Rooms 4 and 5 completely made up of art lent to us by residents who lent us art work off their own walls but not done by the residents. We accepted any medium and filled

Rooms 4 and 5–which will hold more than 100 paintings or other art forms. We figured that if you like it others will too. We weren?t disappointed. We had it during Grizzly Valley Days but since that now has become Grizfest it does not fit in. Would you like to see it again at another time? If so, when??

Of course we will need help and, Gary and Brian , I hope you are listening out there. Actually, I am interested in other tall men who would climb a ladder and hang pictures–do I have a great half-day volunteer activity for you!!

Don?t forget the meeting of the Health Centre Foundation in the Health Centre on February 5 at 1:00 pm. This group raises money for equipment needed at the Health Centre which is not provided by the Northern Health Board.

This whole column seems to be looking for volunteers. Actually, I didn?t intend it that way. I really enjoy the activities I take part in. (or, grammatically speaking ?in which I take part?). You might too.

Now, I think, I really should undecorate the Christmas tree and pack it all away. If I don?t I really don?t know where people will sit at the meeting planned for our house on Sunday.