49 Forever

Christmas is over but we still have our tree up, We leave it up until today to help us celebrate George?s birthday which is today. He is not expecting much, fortunately. I am even less useful than usual because I slipped on the parking lot ice in Dawson Creek at Boston Pizza and fell right on my own foot. Nothing is broken but the doctor suggested I take ibuprofen until it quits hurting.

I never take this type of medicine because I rarely need it. (I take a nerve pain killer for my feet but it doesn?t work on regular aches and pains.) The result is that I go to sleep almost every time I sit down.

We had a good Christmas. Almost all our kids were home at some time over the holidays and we had Christmas dinner with the Rob Hartfords and then Christmas again here when our two daughters and their children could come. Of course it didn?t help very much that our son-in-law and his daughter, Elizabeth, had the flu while here. It did help that our oldest granddaughter, Jordan, and I were partners for the three evenings we played Canasta (as we always do) and we won every evening!

Now everyone has gone and we are back to just two of us again-and I am nine-tenths asleep! Our tree is still up and today with the wind blowing the snow it certainly looks as if it could be Christmas. Next we can celebrate Darby?s birthday. I always remember how old she is as she was the first baby born to Tumbler Ridge parents in 2000–our Centennial baby.

At this time of year one is supposed to be making New Years Resolutions. Over the years I supposed I have made them all-and broken them all too. This year I am giving New Year?s thanks to everyone who has made our year one to be really thankful for. For example, during 2004 we never had to shovel our own driveway or walkways! In fact by the time we get up and look out all has been cleared, every day!!!!!!! Heartfelt thanks to you all.

We are certainly looking forward to all the ongoing ?features? of Tumbler Ridge life and that includes the regular dances hosted by 49 Forever. The next one is on January 22 in Room 5.

The 49 Forever Dance Club held a dance Saturday Jan 8 to aid tsunami victims. Although there were only 38 folks there, they raised a total of $416.79. The 50/50 draw, of which 1/2 was for the winner, 1/2 for tsunami would have been 72.50 each, however Bob Saunders from the band who was the winner opted for his winnings to go to tsunami victims. A general collection which netted $171.79 and an additional $100 which was donated by band members brought the grand total to $416.79. These monies will go to the Canadian Red Cross Tsunami relief fund. We wish to thank the Ridge Riders Band & all those present, who gave so generously to such a worthwhile cause.