49 Forever

This is a last reminder that the Annual Meeting of the Tumbler Ridge Arts Council will be held in Room 3 at 10:00 am on Saturday, January 22. New members are welcome.

I guess we never really have enough! We find ourselves grumbling when the garage door opener doesn?t open on the first click or the car doesn?t start as we stand in the warm house pushing another button. We even feel badly done by when the temperature is cold as we go out to attend the tsunami auction. Why don?t we get real? Why can?t we just accept the weather as it is. Let?s face it; if cold weather is the worst we get in Tumbler surely we can cope–even without complaining.

Today George took down our Christmas tree. The living room looks very bare and where we used to see the tree we now look into the back yard and the new building in the yard just over our fence.

Here I am complaining again.

We have been thoroughly enjoying the Corner Gas DVD discs we got for Christmas and the fact that we can?t remember where we got them hasn?t stopped us laughing. I?ll finally track the donor down and next year I?ll keep a list as I open my presents. I did this simultaneously for the four kids when they were little so just for me shouldn?t be that hard.

I hope you received a phone call from the phoning committee telling you that our meeting for this month?s 49 Forever has been moved forward to 5:00 pm so that we can all attend the Itchy Foot meeting on the same day but at 6:30. We are trying to arrange that this double booking will not happen again but I?m sure we will all enjoy Itchy Foot after our usual Pot Luck.

I am once again on the Library Board and am really looking forward to it As a former teacher of English and school Librarian I have a life-long interest in books and reading.

This reminds me of our earliest days teaching in Tumbler. When George was teaching in the fall of 1982 he had a computer and sometimes took it to school. When I arrived in early 1983 there was very little for kids to do, and very few kids. George and I taught every subject but French in Grades 8 to 12 and, as we had no free time in school (as you can imagine) George brought the computer home. Naturally, the kids missed it so we said that if they went skating at the outdoor rink (where TRE is now) on Tuesday evenings they could come to our mobile home on Aspen for hot chocolate and computer games afterwards. At that time no kids lived in town so they had to get down from the trailer park at Quintette. As this gave the kids something to do their parents seemed glad to deliver them to town–and pick them up. A couple of the girls took over the making of the hot chocolate and the living room floor provided seating for the 15 or so teens. We had a computer game called Decathlon and we had two teams and everyone got to play. We all had a good time and the parents picked the kids up later in the evening.

George said the kids could come to our house and use the computer if he was home. One day a boy came over but George wasn?t home and I said (quite honestly) that he could use the computer because I knew nothing about computers. Less than a year later we moved into the high school and I took on the job as Librarian–no one wanted the job enough to apply. The Library had a computer!! What a challenge!! Soon a boy came in and said ?But, Mrs. Hartford, you said you knew nothing about computers?. I said ?I learn fast.? And I did get to be quite efficient in the Library but that doesn?t work too well at home. This is complicated by the fact my hands don?t work much better that my feet so I often hit one or more of the keys around the bottom and sides and then I have to get George to sort things out. He had no idea what duties were on the distant horizon when we go married ?for better or for worse?.

Ignore the thermometer and just enjoy the sunshine!