49 Forever

It is still very cold as I write this but it?s nice and warm in the house. Actually, I haven?t been out of the house for 4 or 5 days. How have I spent my time??? Well, I?ve been pretty useless. I received a small book for Christmas which contains a series of short chapters about the author?s life and dwells on her childhood on a farm some miles out of the town of Athabasca in the 1930?s and 40?s. They always had a nice house and lots to eat but they were not rich. What they had was a happy home life, a very loving mother, and an appreciation of the beauty of the land. Why was I given this book? I taught school in Athabasca and so the beautiful river valley and the surrounding hills are still in my memory. In fact, I think I arrived at the school a year after the author left. I also had a very happy three years teaching there. The staff members were a close knit group in and out of school and the students were the best behaved group I have ever taught. I taught in the senior high school and in the three years I was there I didn?t have to even reprimand a single student!

Did you go to Robbie Burns Night on January 24? We did and had a great evening. I even ate some haggis–and liked it! The roast beef dinner, complete with delicious dessert was good too. We were royally entertained by four bagpipers, Ron and Rose and another guitarist. Dorothy joined in on her violin and we tapped our toes, sang along or danced to the music. The conversation at our table was hilarious and added to the enjoyment of the evening. Be sure to come next year.

I don?t think I have mentioned the grandchildren for several weeks so I?ll share this quote from Darby, just turned four this month. (Kyla is now in school and goes to several out of school activities including knitting classes and drama — are there any child activities we don?t have in Tumbler Ridge?– so we don?t see her quite as often. A short time ago Darby was visiting and when she was leaving with her father I said ?good-by, lovely child?. By the time her mother saw her she was crying. When asked why, she said ?She doesn?t even remember my name. She called me ?lovely child??. I have since apologized to her and have promised to call her by her correct name in the future.

At a recent Grizzly Valley Days Meeting the question came up about having a couple days in the fall or Labour Day weekend when we could have some of the family events that used to be part of Grizzly Valley Days which used to be in the past–such as the inexpensive hot dogs and hamburgers and the free kids games. A group of people were quite willing to run this event but have since found that there would be some restrictions put on it if it is part of Grizzly Valley. So it has been decided to form a new society not connected to Grizzly Valley Days but formed to have family events at the end of the summer. This group has named itself ?Dino Days? and we have joined the group and are looking forward to it. George went to part of Grizfest last year but my feet and legs don?t allow me to sit on the grass at all or to sit on a collapsible chair more that about an hour. I am sure there are other people around like me or people with children.

It is still cold so I?ll get back to my cold weather activities–watching the news on TV, taking a quick peek at the weather network, reading, napping and crocheting. I promised Crosbie (daughter) and Juanita (daughter-in-law) that I would crochet a tablecloth for each of them. I have started Juanita?s this week and have spent more time trying to figure out the pattern than I have crocheting, The writer seldom uses commas so you get this confusing statement ?ch 1 dc?. I think I have got this figured out and have also one ball of thread to go 30 rows. Bring your knitting etc here and we can work together!

Don?t forget–elections at the next 49 Forever meeting. If you have any ideas please phone Ivan Blimkie, chair of our Nominating Committee 242 5075. There will also be nominations from the floor.