49 Forever

Within the last week I have been talking to two people who have told me that it is possible that they know of a house in town where there is a drug salesman (or woman?) and they both referred to the same house. As far as I know these two people do not know each other. One of them lives across from a vacant house (or at least temporarily empty) and sees people walking through this empty yard to the house behind it. The other person lives on the crescent that house is on and sees a lot of traffic going to the house. They are both suspicious but have not checked with the police. So who knows? We don?t live in sight of the house so haven?t noticed anything.

This little mystery reminds me of a incident that occurred in Dawson Creek at least 50 years ago before we were married. We both were teaching school there and were good friends with another teacher, Betty Golata, who lived in a two storey house there. Her daughter was attending school at the time and lived with her parents and Betty?s elderly mother, Mrs. Moulton. Now, Mrs. Moulton stayed home most of the time knitting and reading–and keeping track of the neighbours. Her bedroom was on the second floor and looked onto the street so she could see what was going on night and day.

After a while of watching the antics of the neighbours across the street she felt she had to tell Betty what was going on. Her granddaughter was a teen-ager and she thought it was very important that Frances grew up in a nice neighbourhood. She had watched the neighbours carefully night and day and came to the conclusion that two or perhaps, three young women lived there. She saw them occasionally during the day. It was what happened during the night that really concerned her.

There was little traffic on the street at night so cars at two or three in the morning woke her up. She decided to watch them. She found out that a car, usually a taxi, would drive up and a man would get out and walk into the house. She kept watching as the taxi was still running. Sooner or later a man would come out of the house, get in the taxi and it would drive off. The street was dark so she didn?t see them clearly . Sooner or later a man would come out of the house, get in the taxi and it would drive off. This often happened more that once during the night time hours. What was going on???? You guessed it. This was a house of ill repute! Not fit neighbours for Frances!

Naturally, she told Betty and pointed out to her that they had to get rid of the neighbours or move–right now.

Betty was not really perturbed but looked into it before her mother spread the word. It turned out that three young couples were saving money by sharing the rent. The husbands were all taxi drivers and when one?s shift was over he just came home and another one got into the taxi and did the next shift! Not nearly as interesting a story.

Things aren?t always what they seem