49 Forever

We have just got home from several days on the road or in Edmonton. We went to the city so I could have my feet checked with the neurologist there. The result is that she confirmed that my feet are permanently damaged (which we knew) but the good news is that there is no reason to believe that they will get worse. I guess that that is ?good? news so I?ll stay happy.

We left here Monday and got home this afternoon and believe this? I didn?t go shopping at all!!!

I did have a good visit with a woman of my age whom I consider my best girl friend. I met her when we were both teachers in Grande Prairie back in the ?40?s. We even ?supervised? the high school girls? dorm the last year we were there. We looked after 48 high school girls 24/7. We realised that hiring a babysitter for a family like this is next to impossible so if we wanted to socialize it was best to invite people in. We soon realized that if we invited a young man over to visit in our tiny living room (and it had a separate entrance) the many conversations in and out of our hearing made it not worth it. This was before there were school buses so some of our kids came from Rio Grande and in the cold winter some parents couldn?t afford to do this and the bus service didn?t go off the highway so they spent one or two months at a time without going home or even seeing one of their parents. We did our best to have entertaining week ends–and we also got great experience in bringing up teens and answering their questions which we both found helpful years later when we had teens of our own.. It was easy to answer questions like ?if Harry takes me to church does he put in collection for me or should I put some in myself?? but when two teens are dating and the boy goes to the Catholic Church and her father is a United Church minister and they disagree over the meaning of a verse in the bible, what do you do particularly when we, Evelyn and I, were Lutheran and Anglican? We invited the United Church minister over for coffee and let him solve her problem. Neither of us had ever lived ?in residence? ourselves but, after that year we both vowed that if we had kids and they went away to university or college we would make sure they lived in residence at least one year. It certainly is a great opportunity to learn how to get along with others.

We both had a great year but this week when Evelyn and I were reminiscing we agreed that that year in the ?40s was great but nowadays!!!! Forget it.

It has been two years since I have seen her and during that time her husband?s Alzheimer?s has become so much worse that he will have to go into a home as soon as he recovers from his hip replacement operation. So she has sold their house and bought a Condo. They have been married even longer than George and I have (I was her bridesmaid) and I can?t even imagine how I would cope in her situation. Fortunately, she has two daughters in Edmonton. I guess all of us 49?ers are getting closer to situations and decisions like this so most of you will understand!

We are certainly glad to be home and are busy looking over the mail and answering messages on our answering machine.

49 Forever Annual Meeting and Elections

It is time for 49 Forever?s Annual Meeting and elections. If you have any suggestions please let me know and I can give them to the nominating committee and, of course, you can nominate from the floor. I am not planning to be president another year so that seat will be open.