49 Forever

I really fell lucky to be here. I don?t mean ?on this planet? but actually on Microsoft Word. I was having a bit of trouble (my hands don?t work much better than my feet) getting on to Microsoft Word. Who knows what keys I had pressed but I couldn?t access Microsoft so I asked George to help. I guess I had really done it again so it took quite some time for George to untangle it.

Now, if I don?t hit too many wrong keys– —————-

49 Forever is having elections next week and I am not going to let my name stand again nor is Gorge letting his stand so I don?t know who our next executive will be. We have a Nominating Committee (Jules and Anne Jewra and Joyce Stenvall) but, of course, we will accept nominations from the floor. Please attend and take an active role.

Unfortunately, one or our members is having trouble with his cancer again and is out in Edmonton taking treatment. If Eileen and Alan were here we could all run over with cookies and supper but Edmonton is a bit far away for that so we plan to take up a collection instead and send it immediately to Eileen so, instead of eating our home baking, she will have to eat in a restaurant. Our best wishes and prayers go to the Chamberlains.

For those of you who are artists (or know one) there are two Art Shows coming up in the Peace area who are looking for entrants. Even for people like me who enjoy art but have no talent both these shows are well worth the trip.

The first show is in Beaverlodge at the Cultural Centre and it opens on Sunday, February 27?It is a strictly Miniature Show and sale and for those of us driving that far you?ll enjoy a visit to the Tea Room there.

The second one is the Peace Liard Regional Juried Art Exhibition. It is a show sponsored by the Regional Arts council and it rotates, going to the centres in the BC Peace–Dawson Creek, Fort St. John, Chetwynd, Pouce Coupe, Tumbler Ridge. This year it will be in Hudson?s Hope from April 28 to May 1. Entry forms must be in by April 6.

I have entry forms for both these shows so just call me at 3915.

49 Forever?s dances are really popular. Actually, you don?t even have to be 49 or over but you must be 19 or over because the dances are held in Room 5 with access to Sheila?s Place. You don?t even have to dance–just come and socialize. There were 38 people present at the last dance. Please join us. The $2.00 entry fee pays the rent of the room and the collection take goes to the live band.

All our meetings are held on the third Thursday of the month and will not interfere with Itchy Feet again as its meetings will not be held on those dates. Its schedule for the next three month is:

February 24 by Viv Lougheed and Barry McKinnon on Bolivia

March 10 by Bill Hendley on Kenya

April 7 by Kevin Sharman and Larry White on Tumbler Ridge ? Monkman

For newcomers to town do not think that Spring has come! We oldtimers know that we can have at least one more round of Winter! Do NOT order perennial plants or shrubs just yet!