49 Forever

Here it is March already and we haven?t had our last snow yet–that?s my forecast anyway. I have actually survived several March blizzards in my time in the Peace area but I?m prepared to forego that experience this year.

George has come down with a bad cold and when he?s housebound I am too but, thanks to Carol, I did get to Happy Hookers yesterday. We have such a good social time as we hook, knit, and embroider that we are attracting some people who don?t do anything in that line but just come to socialize. That?s fine with us.

Our next 49 Forever will be on Thursday, March 17 and Cpl. Peats will be our guest so we are hoping for a good turnout. Bring your questions and comments with you. For those who don?t know our procedure, we meet in Room 5 at 6:00 pm for a potluck dinner so be sure to bring a contribution ? casserole dessert, salad, whatever. Following that, we have a really short meeting and then some entertainment, perhaps educational or perhaps make new friends and also socialize with old ones. ,All attendees pay a fee of $2.00 which goes to the Community Centre for room rent, setup, take down clean up and coffee. What a deal!

Also on March 17, several 49 Forever volunteers will be manning a table in Shop Easy and selling fresh daffodils (straight fom Victoria) for $3.00 for a bunch of 10 daffodils. If we?re not sold out during the day we will bring daffodils to 49 Forever so bring at least an extra $3.00 just in case. All proceeds go to the Cancer Society. Many of us cancer survivors (so far) will definitely be buying daffodils–and even selling them. Many thanks to Carol and Gordon Rothwell and Shop Easy who not only let us have space to sell the daffodils but will also keep them in their cool room.

If you missed the last meeting you probably don?t know that Jules Jewra is the new president and Celine Paradis is the new secretary. Fortunately, Joyce Stenvall agreed to stay in as Treasurer.

Thanks to those who have brought us food! As our chief cook and bottle washer is sick with a cold we have had to fall back on me. It?s not that I can?t cook but it has its problems when I have to use one hand to hang on to something if I have to walk from the counter to a cupboard and if I am putting something in the oven or taking it out.

By the time you read this we should both be fine and going full speed again–whatever that is. Fortunately, George is now driving downtown when necessary so we are getting salad makings again.

Downtown is getting a new look with two businesses opening offices there. Congratulations to you both.