49 Forever

Some of you will get this paper mid-week so this information is for you. On Thursday, March 17, we are selling daffodils in Shop Easy all day!!! Or until we are sold out. Many, many communities in BC are doing the same thing and for the same reason–we are all raising money for Cancer. In Tumbler Ridge all the people connected with the sale are volunteers and Shop Easy is not only letting us put our table and chairs inside but they are also keeping our flowers in their cool room when they get delivered. I can never believe how Ridgites always help when asked–no trouble. I just went to Happy Hookers (with my crocheting) and explained what I needed and then passed a paper around with Thursday divided in two hour shifts and I had two people for each shift before it got around the table (and I hadn?t signed yet)! The daffodils will sell for 10 for $3.00 and you will be helping the Cancer Society.

This week has been so broken up that I haven?t really done anything. Monday I had an eye appointment in Grande Prairie in the late afternoon so stayed over with my sister in Beaverlodge and then today, Thursday, George had a dermatology appointment in Dawson Creek. The previous week he had a bad cold and wouldn?t even go out to drive so, naturally, I was a ?shut-in? too.

Coming home in the car we listened on the radio to the memorial service held for the four RCMP members who were killed last week. When we got home we just continued watching it on TV. In Tumbler Ridge we enjoy Cpl. Peats humorous columns and don?t realize that the job is so dangerous. He could drop in at a drug dealer?s house here (and I understand that there is at least one in TR) and face a gun.

To get on to happier things. I got a copy of Canadian Gardening today and have skipped through it. In spite of the fact that most of the pictures were of large lots (even several acres) and they were all in zones 5, 6 and up once again I was inspired. This year I?m going to buy one of those little gardening carts where you can sit down close to the ground and tend your garden. Of course, I can?t get to the back of the flower beds or do any serious digging (nor can George) but I can do some things.

The continuous sunshine really inspired me to put on a warm coat and take my coffee to the deck. For some reason George wouldn?t come with me. I wish he could get rid of his cold.

I hope next week will bring more joyful news. See you on the 17th at 49 Forever.