49 Forever

After two miserable days in Dawson Creek we are now home in sunny Tumbler Ridge. It was only the weather in Dawson Creek that was bad. Our job–to baby sit our grandson, John, was a pleasure. Actually he goes to kindergarten all day and stays there in after care until his mother picks him up after work at 5:00 pm. She got invited to speak about legal aid in a panel at a lawyers? conference in Vancouver so her way was paid and she received an honorarium which will come in handy when she and her husband go to Cuba on holiday next week.

Next week it will be Easter Weekend and we are really looking forward to Easter at our house with John, Rob and Juanita, Kyle and Darby, daughter Nickie and her husband, Len, and their three children Jordan, Elizabeth, and Hart. The two girls and their mother are a great help in the kitchen, and so is Juanita (Darby tries!) but I expect Elizabeth will want to play with the younger children. She has now hit the teen-age years but her liking for little kids is still with her.

The Cancer Society?s Daffodil Sale is on today and I hope you bought some. My thanks go to all the volunteers (largely gleaned at Happy Hookers) two of whom are down there now as I sit here. I have really said this before but I will again. Volunteers here are wonderful and so willing. I go elsewhere and comment about getting volunteers and they say ?How do you get volunteers?? and I say I just ask for help. Perhaps being ?disabled? makes it easier but there were many willing helpers when I was hale and hearty.

The sunshine today makes me get out the gardening catalogues again. I have very few perennials at this house yet so I plan to buy some and I always plant flower seeds and wait in hope. I think I?ll put nasturtiums and calendula in the tiny rockery as they did well there last year. But what on top? If that?s the biggest problem I have——

Tonight is 49 Forever with our new president, Jules Jewra, and I plan to go but George is not feeling well so I may not make it. I think I need hand controls on the car but I?m not even sure that would work as my hands aren?t very responsive either–but I can still crochet and must report I still have that last row to do on my tablecloth!! I?d better get at it!