49 Forever

Our niece Kerry, and her husband Terry subscribed to The WALRUS Magazine for us at Christmas (they also give us a foster child each year. They pay the basic care and we are expected to write to them and provide some extras. Our previous one has just grown up, has a job, and is helping to support his family of 11 younger siblings. Our new one is Deici, a little six year old girl from the Dominican Republic.)

But, back to the magazine. I know very little about it but it is a Canadian publication and the December issue has a small card it in that says ?Presents of mind–The Walrus is the perfect present for every one of the involved, intelligent individuals on your holiday gift-list?. We were flattered! The magazine includes articles, poetry, reviews of books and TV, essays etc. For example the December issue included ?A Very Civil War? an article about Paul Martin, an interview with Putin, An article entitled ?Burma on the Brink? and another entitled ?Who Controls Canada?s Arctic?. and many more. I read every article, interesting, educational and even scary.

I admit I get a number of magazines and enjoy them all, Right now I?m devouring Canadian Gardening. I hope to get one of those gardening carts that are low enough to sit on while you weed. Some of our tulips completely ignored my prediction of one or more late snows and are up about four inches, poking their leaves above the snow. I still expect them to bloom.

George?s niece, Leslie, lives on Vancouver Island and keeps us up-to-date about her father, George?s brother Hal, whom she has enticed to leave Vancouver and live in a lovely apartment close to her and her husband. Hal, like many Vancouverites, is convinced that there is no other place to live but Leslie can?t keep leaving her job and ferrying or flying when he has a health or other crisis. Her e-mails not only keep us up-to-date about Hal but they are also full of jokes and here is one for last Sunday, Palm Sunday.

It was Palm Sunday and, because of a sore throat, five-year-old Johnny stayed home from church with a sitter. When the family returned home, carrying several pine branches, the boy asked what they were for. His mother said ?The people held them over the head of Jesus as he walked by?. ?Wouldn?t you know it? the boy fumed ?The one Sunday I don?t go, HE shows up!?

I must get back to picking up and putting away everything the house has accumulated lately. I hope you notice I am not blaming myself for the rubble but I will help put it somewhere or throw it away. I am not doing any pre-cooking myself. My daughter, Nicola, and family will be here Saturday, and will cook Easter dinner and Juanita will cook the ham and whatever our stove won?t. Grandson John (aged five) will arrive for a week?s visit on Friday while his parents are in Cuba. He will have fun playing with Darby, also 5 (whom many of you know). By Sunday we will six of our eight grandchildren. We will also have two dogs, Anna and Russell, who think they are children. But the main thing is that we will all have a good time.