49 Forever

The sun is shining, the temperature is -7 and I?m finally up and ready for a new day.

The next thing to do is look at the calendar and see what is on for today, Thursday, February.5. (I should have done that last night but it was after 1:00 am when I went to bed as it was.) I always feel wide awake after choir but 1:00 is a bit unreasonable. The calendar shows two things on this afternoon. At 1:00 we have a meeting of the TR Health Centre Foundation whose mandate is to buy items for the Health Centre not covered by the Northern Health Board. Right after that is Red Hatter?s get together which is always fun. And that is it for the day,

There will be no trouble getting back to my crocheting. (f you don?t crochet just skip this paragraph.) At the moment (and for a few more months) I am crocheting a tablecloth for my daughter-in-law, Juanita. I really enjoy it and I have crocheted a lot in my life. I was pleased to find out that while, my fingers don?t write or type as well as before, they seem to crochet quite well. But the pattern I chose (pineapple with a swirl in the middle) is confusing to say the least. I have never seen directions so obtuse! When the writer gives up trying to explain what to do she writes ?See picture?. Now the picture seems to be a photograph of a cloth but it does not show how many stitches are required. She does not use commas and she uses abbreviations I have never seen used in crochet patterns before–repeat from bgr and end as p or how about kcl? (know chain lp). In the book she does have a list of abbreviations used and their meanings. The list contains 24 items but is not in alphabetical order. I have almost worn the thread out ripping a row out when the next row doesn?t fit. In any case it has ?entertained? me for most of the cold spell but I have only reached row 37 (but I have crocheted it three times!). I?m sure most of you are not interested in all this but I thought if I updated my progress every week it would inspire me to do more than one row.

I?m still looking at gardening catalogues but it is too early to plant anything. I?ve lived in this area of uncertain weather so long that I don?t even put in bedding plants until June. Actually, I don?t even know if I can garden this year–but someone will. I am a bit worried about a very tiny tree that is under a snow bank and my rockery that was used as an invasion point for the snow fort on the lawn at Christmas.

We have been quite busy with meetings this week. On Wednesday afternoon I went to Happy Hookers and they even gave George tea when he arrived to pick me up. I highly recommend this friendly group. We?ve almost outgrown Room 1 but we?ll all move over and make a space for you. Just bring the knitting, crocheting, or embroidery you are working on and make new friends and chat as you work. Someone always brings goodies and we pay the Community $2.00 for the tea and kettle. You don?t have to be a ?senior? to come.

Advance notice.: 49 Forever this month will be held on Friday, February 20 this month. This will be our Annual Meeting so elections will be held. We will also have Jeanette Dixon, the new counselor in town, telling us all about what she does.

See you there.