49 Forever

I still have a few bedding plants to plant–I try to string spring out as long as possible. Actually my seeds and bedding plants have done quite well with little help from me.

It never ceases to amaze me how spring comes and we sort of fast-track into summer. Unfortunately the weeks do the same thing and I haven?t kept up with them either.

We have travelled (locally) quite a bit lately. Last Friday (July2) we went to Beaverlodge to the wedding of my great-nephew Judson Martin. We stayed overnight with my sister and went to the present opening the next day. When I look at the presents given these days I look back to our own wedding. Of course, the dollar meant a lot in 1956 but , even translating the value to today it seems to me that the value of wedding presents has really hit a ridiculous high. I remember getting a painted glass cookie jar which probably cost less that $2.00 at the time. At first I kept all the ribbons and bows from our wedding presents in it and used them when I gave gifts. Then every time we moved we had this easily-broken jar to contend with. The first time we moved I filled it with all the ribbons and bows that were still left but, finally, I felt forced to make cookies. I did this for about 40 years but had to quit when I took sick. I really feel fine now but I will really know I am when I fill it again with cookies. (Maybe next week?)

Rob, Juanita and our two grandchildren went on holidays for a week and left their dog, Blackie, with us. What a well-behaved pup! We took it to the wedding with us and to a doctor?s appointment in DC and it never complained.

We now seem to be home for awhile and we are really enjoying just loafing. Actually, I like travelling so when I talked to our older daughter on the phone today I got a bit jealous when she told us all the things she and her family will be doing later this month when they go to Peru. Coming to visit us in Tumbler Ridge in August will be pretty boring.

But sometimes boring is good.