49 Forever

Sneeze Kleenex, cough Kleenex, runny nose Kleenex, runny eyes Kleenex–this has been the story of my life this week. I don?t want to go out and give my germs away so I have been relaxing at home for several days.

Earlier in the week I went to a meeting of the Tumbler Ridge Days Society which is very busy planning Grizfest. The detail involved, even at this early date, is really amazing.

We have received a number of discs sent to us from musicians who are interested in Grizfest. These have all been listened to by our selections committee who have picked out the ones they feel are best suited to Grizfest. We listen to them and discuss them and make final choices. Right now we are following up on the ones we would like to bring in as headliners. Negotiations are being made now re cost, how many performances would they give, how long, what do they need, travel and accommodation arrangements. Once these items are settled on the phone we draw up a contract and send it to them to sign. Jonathon Lui from the new Wilderness Lodge was a guest at our meeting and he was so enthusiastic and has so many ideas that we asked him to join our committee.

I missed the All Candidates Forum but got a summary from George who, as usual, was timer for the event. He did say that he felt voters should not base their choice solely on their public speaking talents but look into what each candidate can bring to Council.

This week I?ve listened a lot to TV. Usually I only listen to news but this week I have broadened my interest–but not by much. I have seen The Jackson-Timberlake Event about 10 times. We tuned in to the game at half-time–just in time to see the end of their song. Actually, I wouldn?t have chosen the song they were singing for that event. We were watching but my eyesight is getting worse so I miss quite a lot. Actually, I am getting my eyes tested tomorrow so, if they keep referring to that show on TV, I might get a clear view yet! It probably wouldn?t bother me as much as pictures of all the dead and dieing in Iraq and elsewhere.

I did accomplish a bit last week. I now am on row 49!!! I have really crocheted away more than 50 rows but I ripped the others out. I have told Juanita and Rob that they can really entertain the whole family at meal time by giving a prize to the one that finds the most mistakes.

George is home from AquaFit and from doing a few errands so I can now relax on the couch and watch the news until he brings in lunch–how lucky I am.