49 Forever

I am treading softly today as I seem to have got off on the wrong foot. I should have known that I am not quite up to par when I reached over my coffee at breakfast to the jam jar and managed to drop my spoonful of raspberry jam into my coffee. It has been down hill ever since. I?ve dialled several wrong numbers since and have dialled the right number and have actually forgotten whom I was phoning before anyone answered. ( I was careful with my who/whom in that sentence so not all is lost.)

Actually I am trying to plan several things at once and that is often beyond my ageing mind. I still am pretty good at staying in more than one conversation at a time but I feel that is a feminine trait.

When George and I were first married we often visited my parents. Soon my aunts came across the road to visit and then neighbours would drop in so there were 15 or 20 people in the living room and they would automatically divide into three or four conversational groups. This happened often so I (and I think most of my close family members) got quite adept at really being in one group but eavesdropping on one or two others so I could listen with one ear enough in several groups that I could stay in one conversation but throw in relevant comments in one or two others. I?m not quite as good at that as I once was though I think it is an inherited talent (I?m sure I will get it back when I get hearing aides.)

Back when I was in grade nine I found Latin quite boring so spent some more interesting time chatting to friends. One day I was talking to friend while the teacher was explaining some obscure Latin rule. She said ?Janet, your conversation with Doris seems so interesting would you please share it with the class?. It was pretty innocuous so I did. Then she said, and I can still hear her sort of smug triumphant voice say ?And now try to repeat the new rule about the verb —- that I have just explained?. And I did word for word! I felt so smug that I can still feel it today.

Enough of my sinful past. Suffice it to say that I have forgotten all my Latin but remember that warm, smug feeling.

This week I want to remind everyone of the upcoming Red Ribbon Days. August 19 and 20 are the big days. This is our version of a fall fair when we all enter our knitting, quilting, sewing, cooking and horticultural triumphs and we bring home ribbons. The entrants will bring in their stuff on August 19 or 20 where it will be sorted into classes and judged. Then on the 20th we can all go in and look at what the many talented people in Tumbler Ridge can do. As I write this Ellen Sager (the working partner here) is busy churning out more Prize List books and by the time you read this they will be available at the Front Desk of the Community Centre again.

This weekend we are going to Saskatoon Lake motor-homing with our daughter, son-in-law Tony, and grandson, John, and Tony?s sister and family from Abbotsford. We have not used our old motorhome for more than three years. We?ve had it checked out basically and steam cleaned internally. I?ve thrown out all the wasting food and washed the cupboards. Our water pipes seem to be leaking so forget the running water in the sink and shower. I?ve pioneered before.

I?ll see you when we get back. Have a happy holiday! (I?m feeling more relaxed since we got our older daughter?s itinerary. It?s not just ?they are in Peru? but ?Today they are on a trek from Salkantay to Machu Picchu?. As I know nothing about these places why should I feel better?