49 Forever

It seems so long since the dedication of the garden! But I?ll remember it clearly for a long time. I thought that several members of the Garden Club would come down and we would name the garden and that would be it. Was I wrong! Thank you to everyone–and especially to Ellen.

We were booked to go camping with our daughter, Crosbie, and her family right after the Garden Club ceremony so we had our old motor home packed and took to the road. Saskatoon Lake was our goal but the campsites were all taken. We went on to Grande Prairie and found spaces at Evergreen Park. The evergreens are really beautiful but there is basically nothing to do. I guess that is why you go there–to camp and just loaf. Actually, there is a nice race track there and races were on every evening. There is no charge to get in and children are entertained free–faces were painted, hats were made and decorated etc. etc. There is pari-mutuel betting and our daughter made two $2.00 bets and cleared $8.00. I hope this won?t start her on a betting career!

Our other daughter, her husband and three children (10 to16), are trekking in Peru. They have travelled a lot so when they say that trekking in Peru is not for the faint-hearted I believe they will have tales to tell when they get home. They have sent pictures–including one of the kids eating cotton candy at the Lima Zoo!

I hope you have your class list for Red Ribbon Days. You can pick one up at the front desk. This is our fall fair and has classes for horticulture, cooking, sewing, handicrafts etc. Entries are to be delivered to Room 4 in the Community Centre on Friday , August 19. They will be judged that day and will be displayed in Room on August 20. Please enter your sewing, carrots, wood carving–whatever.

The sun is now shining. I must get out in the yard and look at our flowers. I might even enter one in Red Ribbon Days!

George just made my day! I have a hair appointment this afternoon and just suggested to that I really can?t go out in public till I get my hair done. I had just looked in the mirror and said ?I look like a bat out of hell? and George replied ?I don?t care if you look like a bat out of anywhere?. Is that love or is that love? There are several interpretations I could make.

Our just-turned-six year old grandson, John, just phone from Drumheller. ?Grandad, you won?t believe how big the dinosaurs are!!!!! Oh, to be young again!