49 Forever

This week we have been sort of two different families that just seem to live in the same house. George has gone on perfectly organized and I, well I sort of lost it.

We have our lovely aged six grandsons with us while he goes to Dino Camp. He happily gets up and has breakfast and then goes to Dino Camp at 9:00 am. George picks him up at four and keeps him with him to pick up the mail or shop and then they come home and we have supper. A few minutes of TV, a fairly long scrub in the tub, a story from granddad and that?s it.

Those of you who know me probably know that I would have been a lot more active selling cotton candy if I had been feeling better. I think that today I have finally rounded the bend and am on the mend.

There is so much to do! The Emperor?s Challenge, Red Ribbon Days (and I?m supposed to be helping with that), the Doug Hartfords coming home for a couple weeks, the Nicola Hartford Ramsey family here for a short time–and a very bad cold to recover from in three days. Tomorrow I must make a trip to the basement and count beds and make sure they all have clean sheets– ——etc. etc.

Needless to say, we did not get to Grizfest but a couple days ago I got the nicest phone call from Jack Connolly who was a performer. His grandmother, Pat, has been my good friend since we were neighbors and our children were pre-school and we both lived in Dawson Creek. That?s over 40 years of friendship as we have both moved several times. Pat is now in Nanaimo so we see her occasionally as we go to visit son Doug in Victoria. Jack just phoned to say he was sorry to have missed us but he went on to say that he thought Tumbler Ridge is the most beautiful town he has ever been in. He was on his way to Jasper and Banff so I said that they were beautiful towns too. He has been there before but went on to say ?There?s just something about Tumbler Ridge?. There?s that Shangri La thing again,

I hope you all are as busy with summer plans as we are. We basically just plan to stay here and enjoy all our family and friends who will come to visit.

Don?t forget Red Ribbon Days! Bring your entries in on August 19 and come again on August 20 to see who won the red ribbons!