49 Forever

I missed the meeting last week for no really good reason–just a house full of of-out-town children and grandchildren. But as we see them so seldom we thought we could afford to miss the meeting. First we had our son and two small boys from Victoria for two weeks, We thoroughly enjoyed their visit. —-If you were working at the mine in 1983-5 you may have seen him in the lab. He soon felt that mining was not for him so went back to university in medicine and is now practicing family medicine in –Victoria. We not only had a good visit with him and his boys, we now feel feel we should go to Victoria to see him. Sounds logical to me!

We then had our daughter and her husband and their three children just home from a holiday hiking trip to Peru. Before they left they set up a family website to keep us posted. Their first photo was of them on the streets of Lima–eating candy floss–I guess you never leave home.

It was like old times to have the whole crew here at one time with all of them: Rob and Juanita and Darby and Kyla; Crosbie and Tony with John; Nicola and Len and Jordan and Elizabeth and Hart; plus Doug and Kieran and Eric all acting as though they had never ever been apart.

Just the day after they all left with the two of us feeling a bit left out, a voice came from the front door announcing the arrival of our niece Kerry and her Husband, Terry from Athabaska, accompanied by a lone cat in a cage! They missed the others by one day, and, as she has been part of our family for all her life, it was lovely that she was here for a day or so too.

Now there is a void, no kids being kids as kids should be, and no kibitzing from the older children and grandkids to keep the place lively. I suppose that is what it must be but we do miss them.

Fortunately we have had a couple of real summer days so sitting in the canopied swing has been a real treat after the somewhat crummy weather we have for most of this summer. This is what we need a lot more of, but we can be thankful for the lack of forest fires near us so it is probably a good trade off.