49 Forever

Another week has gone by and like all other weeks it has been filled with the good and the bad. I have been waiting for some time to have a routine cataract operation. The date has finally been set for the 13th of September. Last week I had a phone call saying they could do it the day after tomorrow, so we happily went to Grande Prairie and booked in to the hospital as required. I change into my skimpy hospital gown, and tuck in to my narrow hospital gurney. I get about two thousand drops in my eye, and I am then told my operation has been set for 3:00 pm. I am all set and only too happy to get the operation done and have my eyesight improved. About ten minutes later, the nurse returned to say they have overbooked the surgeon and I can go home and come back on the 13th. I was so ticked off that I completely forgot to buy the new filing cabinet I have wanted for over a year and I had promised myself the next time I was in town!

On a happier note a box was left at my door and I did not get a chance to see who it was from. When I opened the lovely box I found it was a gift from my red hat secret pal — a beautiful purple hand knit cardigan with luxurious purple feathers around the neckline. Whoever you are my thanks, and I can hardly wait for the next meeting to show it off!

On a different note, I have been spending much of my time watching the hurricane results and looking into my back yard seeing our small rockery is still covered with flowers. It is amazing what two packages of seeds, nasturtiums and calendula can transform a pile of dirt from the dump and a few local rocks into a beautiful bright spot in my yard which has been covered with flowers all summer long.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at the volunteer night and I am looking forward to have the pleasure of helping with the Ten Thousand Villages Sale and hoping you will again have time to be there too. It will be on the 26th and 27th of November in the library. Volunteers to set up, be sales persons for the two days, and take down at the close of the sale will be needed. As we never know what products from the third world we will receive, it is a lot of fun opening the boxes and being sales persons for a couple of days. It is not too soon to let me know you would like to volunteer at that time. A phone call to me, Janet, at 242 3915 is all that is needed.